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  1. Thanks, Agree. I wish i could have earn more. Last year income was 17,000 below required 21,000. It would be risk if i be sponsor only.
  2. My income is low and want to include my uncle who income is above 100000 per year. What document to send of his for i864 affidavit of support?
  3. My income is low while my mother has good income. I want to include her as cosponsor in i864 affidavit application but she is taking public assistance SNAP, not me right now. I could not find any joint sponsor and my mother help me in this. Would it matter or not?
  4. They said my case was approved on August 1st. So should i wait few weeks for approval letter?
  5. Question, According to https://my.uscis.gov my case has been approved but on https://egov.uscis.gov/ is still showing old case status. How can i ask to update https://my.uscis.gov ? Is my case approved really?
  6. Feel sorry, hope everything goes well for you.
  7. USCIS received RFE on 28th April 2018, Still Waiting. I am stress out.
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