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  1. What do you mean by you were with Nebraska for 11 months? I have completed my timeline. Thanks.
  2. Your timeline shows that you submitted the docs on Oct 21, 2019 and you got the docs qualified in a day's time!!???
  3. Once visa is approved, do we need to pick up the passport in Mumbai or can it be delivered to Hyderabad?
  4. Has anyone received IL for November 2019? I do not see any updates in the Case Complete to Interview Stats Spreadsheet.
  5. Did you receive passport in Mumbai after visa was approved or did you receive it by mail in your hometown?
  6. Anyone's parents who needed a wheelchair at the US consulate in Mumbai? Any person who accompanied elderly parents for interview at Mumbai US consulate even though they were not petitioners and non-US citizens? Please reply to my post, it would be a major help! Thanks in advance!
  7. @SusieQQQ, Thanks for the response. I have seen this response on the website but it does not define what the US consulate considers as elderly (is it 55+ or 60+ years age?)
  8. Hi, I am not the petitioner and would like to accompany my mother to her interview at the Mumbai US consulate. My mother is 59 years old. Also, I am an Indian citizen. Will I be allowed inside the US consulate as I would like to push my mother's wheelchair? Will there be wheelchairs at the Mumbai US consulate? Thanks in advance!
  9. Once my documents are qualified, do I need to schedule a fingerprinting appointment or will I receive a specific date and slot? Also, for the Mumbai interview, do I need to schedule an appointment online or will I receive a specific date and slot? Thanks!
  10. Thanks for the detailed experience, helps a lot!!! Were you allowed in since you are a US citizen? I am a non-US citizen, can I still accompany my mother in? Can she carry some crackers and water since she is diabetic?
  11. Do I receive the interview letter in the mail or do I get a notification in the email and the CEAC account? I am asking so in case I miss postal mail at home. Thanks.
  12. thanks @IndiaAnnie! are steps 1 and 2 on the same date?
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