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  1. Thanks for the info! I actually called UPS and they had no idea. The actually admitted it to be a "mistake" so they started "an investigation". So anyway, I hope they don't retrieve my package from them. Otherwise I'll just send them again. Thanks again!
  2. Hi! I've recently sent the evidence requested to the Potomac Center in Arlington, VA. When I tracked the package on UPS, it said it got delivered to Capitol Heights, MD. Any idea why this might be? I read online that sometimes it gets forwarded, but after talking to USCIS on the phone, they said the haven't received the papers, and when asked about this place in Maryland, they said they don't have any information to help me out. Also UPS is telling me "it was a mistake", which sound weird given the address has nothing in common with the original one (plus what I'm saying about other people mentioning a similar issue). I'm not sure if I should re send the papers or wait until I get a response from USCIS or UPS (UPS takes 8 business days in their "investigation process", and USCIS basically told me that I can't check on my online status if the papers arrived, I need to call them... I was 80 minutes on the phone today and the answer was "no"). Any help would be appreciated! Thank you!
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