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  1. Thank you and congrats again! So everything was done from security to walking out the door in less than an hour?
  2. Congratulations!Do you mind sharing your experience?How long did the whole ceremony take?
  3. No, since my eligibility is based on 5-year residency. I've had my interview today, my scheduled appointment was at 645am, and I got there at 7:00am, checked-in at 7:10am, and was called 15 mins after. The IO went through the information I've provided on my application, then he went straight to the civics questions. The questions were: (1) Name a war fought by US in 1800's, (2) Name one of the two longest rivers in the us (3) Name your US representative (4)If the president can no longer serve,who will replace him (5) Who makes federal laws (6) What happened on Sept 11,2001. I've got 6 out 6 so he went ahead with the reading and writing tests. I did not get an instant approval which I already expected since my fingerprints have been rejected by the FBI twice so I need to provide a police clearance from the local police. Good luck on your interview!I hope everything goes well.
  4. My interview is scheduled for March 5th at Chatsworth office. For those who've had interviews recently, were people wearing masks due to the coronavirus?
  5. Surprisingly fast.It took only 2 weeks to get another biometrics appointment.
  6. Yes, I have hyperhidrosis so my hands sweat a lot. For my green card, I had to do my biometrics 4 times, until finally the last tech told me to talk to the ASC Manager to see what could be done, and the manager called a few people and finally found out that she could give me a letter to request a police clearance. So for my N-400, so far, I've already done my biometrics two times.
  7. Does anybody know if the SF ASC accept walk-ins?
  8. Mine went down too from June 2020 to April 2020.
  9. Mine got updated like 3 hours after the biometrics, but I noticed that the website updates faster compared to logging in to your account.
  10. Yeah, they don't do biometrics at Chatsworth office anymore, that the first place I went to when I had my appointment even if it was listed on the letter that I need to go the San Fernando Valley office. I guess they just moved there 3 months ago.
  11. Did you go to the San Fernando Valley office?If so, did they give you a hard time when you walked in? I went there for my biometrics appointment on July 1st, and since I have very sweaty hands, the tech wasn't able to get any decent prints from me. Same problem I had when during my I-485 process. So the next time, I'll get another appointment notice, I'm planning to just do a walk in.
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