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  1. Just wanted to update everyone that we just got our interview date of September 17th! Our notice date was March 8 and waiting times for our office start at 10.5 months, so they’re obviously trying to work faster. We still have heard nothing on the work permit, but doesn’t matter because I would rather have my husband have the green card anyway haha.
  2. Try LinkedIn as well. I really like their job ads that have “easy apply”, because it’s basically just clicking a button and you’ve applied haha. Good luck!
  3. For those who have got their interview notice, how long in advance did you receive the interview notice? Our case status just updated today to interview scheduled (March 8th receipt date, San Antonio, TX office) and I’m worried the interview date is going to be before September 10th. My husband and I will he married for 2 years on September 10th, so I’m hoping the interview date is after the 2 years, so that he can get the permanent green card and not have to pay more money to apply for removal conditions. We are also going to be out of town the last week of August, so I really hope they give more than 3 weeks notice. We have to go out of town for my grandpa’s funeral. Would love some insight!
  4. What's the egov "old" site? I want to check that as well haha. I talked with my lawyer yesterday, and she said she is seeing a lot of her clients not even getting the EAD or AP. They aren't even processing them, because they are trying to just give people GC's instead. She is seeing people getting their interview date and GC before ever seeing progress on the EAD/AP. Now, keep in mind this is for the San Antonio office in Texas, so it could be different elsewhere.
  5. I just had an epiphany today that my husband might be breaking immigration law after reading some other posts on here. We filed for an AOS back in March and are waiting to receive his Employment Authorization and Travel Permit. We knew 100% that working was out of the question, so he's just been focusing on making music the entire time we've been here. However, it never occurred to me that him releasing music could be considered "working" since he doesn't have an "employer" and only gets paid in quite small (~$50) royalty checks every quarter. I don't think he's even received a royalty check since we've been here, but that could be because he hasn't changed his address yet. All of the record labels he's released with are located in the EU, not the US, but the royalty distributor is a US company (BMI). I've been reading on the forum about people who have worked remotely for companies, and I know the language is VERY gray. I was just wondering if anyone had been in a similar situation or not. Any feedback would be greatly appreciated - I'm just worried we screwed ourselves a little for being ignorant.
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