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  1. I saw on someone's timeline (not reflected in the spreadsheet) that a CC of Apr 19 for IR1/CR1 visa had an interview at Mumbai on June 25 and was approved. I am just stunned beyond belief that a few days difference could cause more than 60 day delay for interview assignment.
  2. Has anyone called NVC lately and asked specifically about Mumbai interviews?
  3. That doesn't seem to make sense. If they CC is June 6, they couldn't jump over others according to NVC. Given that they are a numerically limited category, is it possible that they were DQ'd much earlier when they submitted the paperwork but the CC reflects when they were assigned the interview date? If you know them, ask them when they got the DQ date. I see from the spreadsheet that your CC date is April 8 but we have seen others with later CC dates who have gotten interviews for IR categories. If they strictly go by DQ dates and your category is current, then you should have gotten an interview already.
  4. Isn't K1 a Non-immigrant visa (technically speaking).. why would it get an immigrant visa case #.
  5. I realize that. However, this case was READY for interview on 4/26??? When was the interview & why isn't it reflected here? One would have to assume that it has already taken place if it was sent to the consulate on 4/26 not my case. wondering if this is a reflection of the CC/DQ date..
  6. Can someone explain what this means? This is a case status I saw today for a case supposedly created on Apr 5. Case last updated on 4/26. But interview hasn't happened yet? How is this is possible?
  7. Out of curiosity, how long after you uploaded all documents did you get your DQ letter? Trying to gauge where they could be in the process. it took us 12 business days
  8. Immediate relative categories don't have a numerical limitation. So, they always have a visa available. I am not sure if I agree with the statement that was made earlier regarding prioritization. F2A is still a numerically limited category. If this has become current, that could mean there are not enough applications for that category. Why then would it suddenly become current. Particularly for an oversubscribed country like India? There's only about 230k visas WORLDWIDe for the 2nd category. At most India will get about 1500 for the entire year and so there may be about 100 cases per month on average. It is possible that there may have been a flood of applications between March/April but if they strictly go by DQ, then anyone who applied after March will most likely not have their DQ done sooner than some of us with a DQ of April/May. So, I am not sure it makes sense to panic here. It is possible that those applied prior to March and waiting for current could jump the queue and that could cause us to be delayed. But blaming NVC for this is meaningless. USCIS is the one making decisions on the visa numbers. NVC is just a processing hub.
  9. Has anyone asked NVC what the last DQ date processed for Mumbai was? I am assuming they will claim that they have no idea... If they did, that could give us some direction..
  10. Sorry. Don't have an answer. I guess we are all speculating on the mysterious workings of the NVC Have you looked at the historical statistics by COuntry? https://travel.state.gov/content/travel/en/legal/visa-law0/visa-statistics/immigrant-visa-statistics/monthly-immigrant-visa-issuances.html From Dec 2018 - May 2019, Canada has processed < 50 F4x category immigrant visas. There must be a lot of people waiting in that category for Canada. So, even though you are current, the country limit must have been hit.
  11. When did you upload the DS260/AOS documents? It should be on your DS260 receipt.
  12. Based on your timeline, it appears you are from Canada. Your immigrant visa number xxx2009829xxx indicates that it was assigned on the 329th day of 2009 (sometime in November of that year). 2009 seems a long time ago.. Are you sure about the year? As of May 2019, F4-B has a priority date cutoff of June 2006. I doubt if they would create a case in 2009 and then wait 10 years. Most NVC cases are only in the system for 1 year (according to their website). Your visa category is NOT an immediate relative and as such even though you were DQ'd, your priority date may not be current (or one that is earlier than the cutoff date). That is why you don't have an IL.
  13. It is my pure conjecture that they are processing DQ dates of week of April 22nd now. If you aren't familiar, your immigrant visa case number has a specific format: CCCYYYYDDDNNN CCC - 3-char consulate code (BMB is Mumbai) YYYY - calendar year (2019) DDD - julian date of calendar year + 500 NNN - case number for that day Anyone can do a case status check using ceac.state.gov/ceac From what I have seen, IR/CR cases have the same case creation date as the julian date representation For numerical category cases, I have seen case creation dates earlier than the immigrant visa case number representation. This is why I believe the Numerical visa applicants have uploaded all docs BEFORE their visa number is created and effectively it goes thru the DQ process on the day of the visa number assignment. It takes roughly 2 weeks for NVC to DQ after all fees/documents have been uploaded. I saw a case with a status of READY as of today. BMB2019594xxx.. This is a case created on April 4 which is the 94th day of 2019. It takes 2 business days after they pay the fees for NVC to allow them to upload the docs. Given that 4th is a Thursday, they could have only started the IV pkg/AOS paperwork on or after Apr 8. Worst case scenario for them to have paid fees & uploaded docs is at the latest by April 10 or 11th. This puts the DQ date for this case during the week of Apr 22nd. Use this for what it is worth. Just my thought.
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