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  1. Yes. Check once or twice a day. (At first I checked it constantly and got kicked out and had to wait 3 days to get back on) I think I normally saw the open appointments in the evening. Good luck with everything!!
  2. Hi I wanted to know if you can help me! I wanted to know what documents needs to be translated, They requested the long authenticated copy of the birth certificate, what documents did you had translated we did have that translated...the birth certificate. However, we first got the police record from comayagua and realized we needed it from Tegucigalpa at the last minute and I did not get that for translated and it was fine.
  3. There are a few emails...I used tggiv@state.gov since i was doing an immigrant visa. they also have support-honduras@ustraveldocs.com for questions related to visa applications. And the interview was not bad at all, I went with my fiancé to his and i thought that was helpful. They only asked a few questions, it was quick. Just have all of your paperwork organized in a way you can get to it fast if they ask for a certain thing .
  4. We finally got a date in August! Thank you! And good luck this week!!
  5. do you have any idea if they open up appointments a certain time of day? like at midnight or something? Thank you for your advice!
  6. Is your husband able to get the police record himself? We don't have the same issue, however when my fiancé went to the place himself they issued everything super quick. it seems like they would have to authenticate it whether there was a past record or not.
  7. My fiancé and I have applied for a K1 Visa and we are near the end finally! However, recently I have felt super discouraged because we cannot schedule an interview and was wondering if anyone has experienced this or has any advice? We have submitted everything, paid all fees, and the status of our visa is "READY for interview...please schedule an interview". However, every time I get on the website to schedule an interview for the past 2 weeks it just says " no appointments available". I refresh it very frequently and check often, and still nothing. When I emailed the embassy they said it was just a "first come first serve" type of thing. There is a time estimate of 6 days for nonimmigrant visa appointments, but no kind of time estimate for the k1 interview. I just don't know if I need to expect to wait a few weeks to a few months. It's so hard and stressful to not know any timelines or what to expect...I just feel in the dark. thank you for any help!
  8. did you find out today about the reschedule? When I try to schedule an interview is says there are none available. Did you have to look everyday to see if there were dates available when you scheduled yours? good luck!!!!
  9. Yes! Waiting on an interview date. Im really hoping the date will be sooner rather than later. We are nervous about the whole interview process!
  10. Yes! I feel your pain! The embassy is supposed to open back up today (July 8). And they are supposed to resume scheduling and re-scheduling things.
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