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  1. So the best bet is to get married in Las Vegas. I live in Southern California so that will be easy. Once we marry, can she stay here because she has her tourist visa? Like as in can she stay here while we process the CR-1 paperwork? Or does she have to return back to the Philippines?
  2. Much appreciated everyone! This helps tremendously. We plan on marrying next year. I've got a good footing of what to do next.
  3. Hello! First time poster. I am from the US (28M) and have been together with a filipina for some time. I have been to PH twice and she has come to the US once to see me, but 2 times before that for a total of 3 US visits. My filipina girlfriend already has a US Tourist 10 year visa and she's had it since 2015. Since we are getting serious, is it better to go through the K1 Marriage Visa? Or is it better for her to apply for an employment visa? She is concerned about wanting to work ASAP once she gets to the US. Another question: If we are in the process of getting another visa, can she still travel to the US on her current Tourist Visa? Any help would be appreciated!
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