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  1. Yes , I sow that but I was not sure , if this form can still work if the mistake was in the original submission, I already completed the form and send I hope it don’t take 5 month like most ppl are saying
  2. I don’t understand, can you plz tell me more
  3. Omg thanks thanks thanks give me hope , my approval date in the note is 16 September but I didn’t receive it until 28 September, and I called and filed typo mistake yesterday 3 Oct , so its now 17 days now. I hope they can fix it
  4. That’s the part of mistake he did in the form , he filled the wrong place with wrong information.
  5. Yes the form it self is correct I was reviewing it , but in the section that say where the interview should be , he mistakenly put that the interview will be in the USA Los Angeles, instead of putting in Saudi Arabia, I’m not sure if the same situation, we called them and we filed typo correction form as well , and we filed I-824, plz let me know if that what happen to you
  6. I’m just in shock that I can’t even think right , and when looking online I can’t find someone did the same mistake , we send the form I-824,and hoping we get respond and try to fix it with minimum time
  7. Yes we are filing that today and paying the fees , hoping it will not take long time and additional year until my interview date
  8. Lesson learned the hard way , the sad part is I was refusing to assign someone and my husband was insisting, I’m compliance and legal person , I like to do everything by my self and I’m soooo detailed but I didn’t know much about the US process , lesson learned the hard way , now are trying to fix it , it’s emotionally hurting me , I have nothing to do than just just wait
  9. Yes , but the Mistake Is in the original form that was submitted, we need to fix it
  10. We want not together when he filed it , I was in Saudi and he was in lA , so even him seeing us together and assuming is not a possibility
  11. Yes , we was Extra careful and said let’s pay someone so we don’t do mistakes , we learned the hard way :((((((((( it’s the worst mistake
  12. Yes we called them , the said we will escalate your call and other person will call you but we are in line I think for list of calls they have :(((( , It’s really bad mistake wish it don’t make it more late :((((((((
  13. Yes that what the letter say I don’t know if I can trust him again , he should pay that for this stupid mistake he did
  14. No non of us meet him in person , he was recommended from friend of us , bad choice, it’s very stressful situation we are waiting for that approval sense 8 month , he is in NY, and I’m in Saudi and my husband in Los Angeles ,, so sad
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