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  1. Hello everyone, I have a question about my naturalization certificate, how do I sign it? I mean do i to print my name on it , cursive or do i need to sign it exactly how i signed my picture? Thank you
  2. Hello everyone, I passed my citizenship interview two weeks ago and i was wondering how long it takes until you get call for your oath ceremony? Thank you
  3. Have my citizenship interview In few weeks and never register for seletive service. Will it be a issue in order to get my citizenship? I Also I made a misby selecting NO to the question ARE YOU A MALE WHO LIVED IN THE UNITED STATES AT ANY TIME BETWEEN THE AGES OF 18TH AND 26TH BIRTHDAY? I SHOULD SELECTED YES but not it's to late. How can I fix it? Thank you
  4. Do you think I need to hire a lawyer to go with me to the interview ?
  5. I got it but I make a mistake I mark NO to the question if I lived I the USA between 18 and 26 years old. Because I was confused. So instead mark No I should be mark yes. How can I fix it?
  6. But if you look it online it says any Male between 18 and 26 even undocumented..
  7. Are you man or a woman? How old are you? How was your interview?
  8. I just received my appointment letter for my citizenship interview. I'm wondering why they are asking me for EVIDENCE OF SELECTIVE SERVICE REGISTRATION?? DOES ANYONE KNOW WHY? THANK YOU
  9. Thank you so much everyone. I really appreciate it!
  10. I understand they want to see my passport to see how many times I have been outside of USA but my concern is that I only have my expired passport . To get a new passport from my country takes months. What's going to happen if the IO ask for a non expired passport?
  11. Hello everyone, I'm waiting for my citizenship interview but I just realized that my passport from my country has expired. Do I need to get a new one prior to my interview? I only have my old passport. Thank you for your response
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