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  1. Update: I printed out the REAL ID form from the Texas DPS and took the morning off to go with my wife to ensure this happened. This time, the guy worked with us a bit but apparently her Alien number is not yet in their system so he had to submit it for "Stage 2" processing. I guess we are supposed to receive a letter within a week or so. Hopefully soon, thanks everyone, JT
  2. Went to the Texas DPS office to get a driver's license for my wife as we got our I-797 receipt for her I-485 submission a week ago. I was under the impression that this was enough to get her license according to the REAL ID act. The "manager" there said that we needed her old (expired) driver's license and EAD card (or I797 receipt for submitted EAD). Is this all correct or do I just have a misinformed DPS employee?
  3. One last question... we should be getting a copy of her birth certificate tomorrow but it is completely in Japanese. I assume there has to be a translated copy included? Can my wife just translate it in an accompanying document or is there some other official thing needed? Thanks guys
  4. Quick update... We had a little delay because to get my IRS transcripts, I had to wait for a verification code to be sent to my house. Finally got it and have my I-864 all squared away. Also have everything done for the I-485 except that my wife does not have a copy of her birth certificate and apparently it is a major pain for her to get one and could take a while. My question now is, do I just submit the package minus the birth certificate so my wife can get legal again as quickly as possible or should we wait the (very possibly) months until we can get her family register form? I would rather get her legal as soon as possible and then when they review my 485, send me a request for her missing document (which we should have by then). Even if it delays the whole process, getting her legal as soon as possible is my primary concern. Am I out of line with this thinking? Will her package get declined immediately because the certificate isn't in there? Thanks guys!
  5. I am filling these out now with my wife and have one more quick question that I have seen some conflicting answers on: From my understanding, they would prefer the last 3 years full tax returns. I do my taxes with TurboTax and have them handy but mine are like 110 pages each... would maybe just the first page or two of each suffice along with tax transcripts? I plan on including my most recent offer letter and recent pay stubs as well.
  6. Thanks for all of the replies guys. So just to verify, we can send in the I-485 and the I-864 right away while working on getting the others wrapped up? Also, the form I-797 that shows her proof of status pending a change... does it come automatically as a type of receipt after submitting the I-485 or is there something I have to do to request it? Thanks for all the help. Plan on sending off the first two forms tomorrow!
  7. Hello everyone, My wife and I kind of messed up and only submitted the I-130 last year instead of all forms needed (I-485, vaccination, employment, support, etc). Well after 13 months, we got the I-130 back but my wife currently does not have a status because her student Visa ran out. It has been a major pain these past several months with her having no driver's license. From my understanding, Texas will permit a driver's license if an application for adjustment is in process (proven by a I-797). Getting her shots and other forms filled out with all required supporting docs will take a little while and we want her license back as soon as possible. My question is should we just submit the I-485 right away so we can get her license sooner at the expense of possibly slowing down the overall process or should we just wait until we have everything ready and submit it all at once? What are the ramifications of submitting now? Thanks for any information, JT
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