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  1. Obviously not. She was the one who told us the Single Status Certificate would do the trick...🙄
  2. Does anyone on this forum know how to go about getting a "common-law" divorce in Mexico? We are need to show proof of termination of a previous common-law marriage. It is my understanding that Mexico can issue a Certificate of Cohabitation so I assume there should be a counter certificate that would indicate that this common-law marriage has formally ended. It is my understanding that you have to have a marriage certificate in order to even file for an administrative divorce in Mexico. She has no marriage certificate as the common-law marriage was never formally documented. Any help would be greatly provided.
  3. I realize this is an old post but I am fascinated as I am currently in the midst of an issue. I was aware that USCIS does not recognize common law marriage but I was not aware that they would actually consider you "officially married." Could you elaborate on this a bit? Does this mean that if a woman was unofficially in a common law marriage, that she would be correct in selecting "married" as her marital status when applying for a visitor visa?
  4. I have a follow up question for you. The letter did not come this weekend but according to "informed delivery" (great app), it will be in my mailbox today when I get home from work. As soon as I figure out what they want, I will share it here with the forum. I spent the weekend preparing as best as I can for all of the various possibilities that I have imagined so that hopefully I can turn around and send it back to them immediately. My question is how? I FedEx overnighted my original application so it would get there fast and I would have a record of them receiving it but what are my options when responding to an RFE. I have seen various posts here on the forum from people sending it back in snail mail, registered mail, priority mail express, FedEx, and UPS. The only method I didn't see was carrier pigeon or hand delivery. LOL. Some have mentioned that they are not actually able to process special deliveries to the address they give you in the RFE so any my efforts to reply quickly could just be a waste of time as it may actually delay the process. You have been around for awhile and are clearly knowledgeable. Could you give me your opinion on how best I should return the RFE for quick delivery and confirmed delivery?
  5. From my personal opinion you are absolutely right and yet I was one of those checking the sites on the daily. I recently learned I have an RFE on the way and now all I do is worry about what it could be. I won’t know until I receive the letter. If I wasn’t using the apps and checking the sites, I wouldn’t have even known I had an RFE coming and once I got here, I would immediately know the reason.
  6. Well you guys are the experts. I could kick myself if that's what it turns out to be. That's what I get for using logic. I just assumed that a lot of people HAVE to use two separate letters because they are so far apart and do not get to see one another very often plus I was under the impression that it had to have a "wet" signature. I go down to see her every month so I thought having one letter with both of us identified as petitioner and beneficiary with wet signatures would actually be MORE convincing. Well I guess we will just have to wait and see. Hopefully I will get the hard copy by Friday or Saturday but if you lose this bet, I prefer Krispy Kreme....
  7. Thanks for the words of encouragement. I guess I should be looking at this as a positive thing.... they haven't rejected me yet!
  8. I did keep a full copy of my I-129F. I have been pouring over it and looking for what others on here have received RFE's for in the past. As for the letter of intent, I did only send in 1 but with BOTH of our signatures. I hope that is not the hang up as I will have to fly down to get her signature on a new and separate letter of intent. Another thing I have been thinking about is the use of "N/A." Some people are of the opinion that you use it EVERYWHERE while others, only where the question is truly not applicable. Looking at my copy, I did realize that I forgot to write our names on the backs of the passport photos. I have heard where they have lost some items from some people's application. If our photos fell out and I didn't have our names on them, then that could be the issue. Luckily I have extra copies of our passport style photos....
  9. From the master RFE list, it appears that most recent entry is from 2016. Is there a more up to date RFE list somewhere else on the site? I just received notice that I will be getting an RFE in the mail. I'm trying to prepare.
  10. Well here's an update on my case. I woke up this morning to a notification on my iphone that they mailed out an RFE yesterday, August 14. My NOA1 date is May 14. For what it's worth and in my particular case, the "old site" reflects my change of status where the "new site" still shows that my case was received. Also, I currently have 2 apps on my iphone - Visa Tracker and Lawfully. It is my understanding that they both key off the "old site" but in my case Lawfully was the app that actually notified me automatically. I did not receive an email or a text. While I understand that an RFE is not the end of the world, it does lead to several days of self-reflection and anxiety wondering what on earth the problem was with my application. I am sure I am not alone here. I have already reviewed the extensive RFE database on here but could not honestly see anything that sent up a red flag. Apparently it is fairly common for them to request more proof of actually meeting. I included pictures, immigration stamps, airline ticket receipts, hotel receipts, and even Uber receipts so if they come back requesting more proof of actually meeting, I'm at a loss as to what else to provide them. My question is whether or not there is a way to determine what the issue is prior to waiting for it to arrive in snail mail? I am sure calling would be a total waste of time but I would assume this information is available somewhere electronically. Just curious. I'm also curious if there are any statistics on what percentage of K1's with RFE's actually go on to be approved. Just looking for something else to worry about... LOL. BTW, I have not updated my timeline as I have not yet actually received the RFE. I am hoping that if it were mailed out yesterday, I should have something by Friday or Saturday. I will be sure to share with everyone here what the RFE turns out being. Good luck to the rest of you May filers! NOA1: May 14 RFE: August 14 (via case status website)
  11. How were you notified? Old site, new site, email, or text? Just curious. I have a NOA1 of May 9 as well but mine is with the Cali location which looks like it’s running one day behind. Let us know when you find out what the RFE is. Your the second person here in the forum with an early May NOA1 and a RFE.
  12. I was looking over the master list and saw several instances of people receiving RFE's for NOT sending in copies of ALL the passport pages. I did not see this requirement in the I-129F instructions. I only sent in copies of the signature page as proof of citizenship. I could see the need perhaps of sending in copies of the ALL the pages if it were for proof of an ongoing relationship but I don't see the need for providing proof of citizenship. Could you please clarify if this is still indeed an actual requirement?
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