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  1. When do you need to provide a police clearance? When u scan in to NVC package? Or you need just for the interview? Or do u need it for both? If u do both, I was told u need the most current police clearance 1-2 weeks before interview. Please assist. Thank you.
  2. I have similar concerns. I just showed proof of other income I have & hope that works. I get checks but according to taxes, I don't generate a w2 so it looks as though I don't make over 16K however if I add up all my monthly befits as a whole, I'm way over. So just show all of your proof. Good luck.
  3. What time frame are we looking at for DR so I can mentally prepare. 1, 2 months? Just give it to me straight no chasers.
  4. What is the most updated DS3032 form. I see one which expires 2006 & 2011. Which can I use? Can someone actually upload it for me instead of me clicking on links, which don't seem to work for me. Thank! Also, can I go ahead any pay my AOS fees & turn in the DS3032 before receiving my case #? Or just wait. Thx u.
  5. I was approved NOA2 11 Jul 19 via email. I am a very proactive person. I will start calling the NVC in 1-2 weeks every other day for my new case #. My husband whose in Dominican Republic has already received, in hand: AOS w/my tax papers etc, marriage certificate, picture album. I have him working on: his translation of birth certificate from French to English, police certificate soon. Is there anything else I'm missing as I'll be in DR next mth. Big question! When is the next available medical dates available? Within days, weeks or mths precisely? Thank you for your follow up.
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