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Immigration Timeline & Photos

  1. Thanks for your reply. We had called USICS officer before the scheduled interview saying that we would show up to the NYC scheduled one. But they repeatedly told us not to as there is no point. Once we go there in person, they would just tell us that it needs to be rescheduled because philly has jurisdiction over my application, not NY...
  2. Hello, I was really hoping someone can shed some insight into the timeline. My PD is September 2017 and I was originally living in NYC at the time so my forms were sent to a NYC field office. However, I then moved to PA and so my paperwork needed to be sent to Philly field office. However, despite submitting all the change of address information way in advance, I still got an interview scheduled in April 2019 for NYC. I requested that it be changed to Philly office since they would have to reschedule it to the right field office anyways. However, it is already July 2019 and I still have no word. My EAD renewal is also approaching 8 months after I submitted it... Can anyone at all give me any information? Thanks so much in advance!
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