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  1. I am only sponsoring her, I have no dependents so according to the link you posted 125% is $21k, I make about $31k a year. Problem is, I started this job in june 2018 so my last income tax return and w2 shows the first half of the year at my old job where I made far less than I do at my new one which may be under the required amount. Do you think this will be a problem or will they only be concerned with what I'm currently making?
  2. thank you for your advice everyone, i feel better now. so what ive gathered is that co sponsors in the Philippines are at the discretion of the interviewer? so would it do me any harm to have my mom be a co sponsor even though i should be ok on my own, just as added security?
  3. also should mention i live in PA and have no children or dependents.
  4. my fiance and i got our NOA2 approval on monday and are very happy, now comes the preparation for the interview including form I134. i was hoping to get some input on my situation. i currently make about $31,000 per year, i have been at my current job since june 2018 as a temp and hired as an official employee since april 2019. my job before that was below income requirements. i co own a house with my mom so no mortgage or rent (she does not live with me) i own two cars and owe less than $9k on one which is my only debt. should this income and situation be enough to meet the requirements for my fiance to get her visa without any problems? she is from phillipines which does not allow co sponsors unfortunately. any advice and insight is greatly appreciated, thanks!
  5. sorry your not getting many responses here, im kind of in the same boat for some dumb stuff that happend to me when i was 11 in 1997, im unable to provide records because my record was expunged, so a lawyer advised me to just write a statement about when and what i was charged with and what my punishment was and include it with my I129f, which i did. its got me worried that its gonna cause problems but im trying to stay positive.
  6. so do both the beneficiary and petitioner need to submit all this? or just the beneficiary because they are the one entering the country?
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