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  1. I’m following 3 cases from Riyadh embassy and all 3 changed from “/“ to “or” on September 7. Two cases were contacted to update and submit police clearance and medical report. The third case, which is my wife’s, still waiting for the call or email. The difference between my wife’s case and the other two cases is my wife’s is a CR1 and the other two are IR1.
  2. I heard Djibouti embassy has been too generous to Yemenis lately!
  3. My brother’s wife interviewed in Riyadh on June 3rd. No AP but received a 221g at the interview. Visa issued July 15. IR1
  4. And I believe Saturday, for some reason, is a workday for the embassy in Riyadh. The reason I say that because I have gotten responses to my emails on Saturdays! I understand Friday and Saturday is a weekend. Though, it seems like they do show up to work on Saturdays.
  5. Tbh, a fourth case I know in Riyadh last update was June 24 (they didn’t even get the Aug 15 update) still has the “/“. I don’t know what’s up with that one really. Interview was on October 2018!
  6. That sounds pretty odd actually. The 3 cases I’m following, one of them is my wife’s, two are CR1 and one is IR1. Two interviewed on December 2018 and one in February 2019 all got an update today Sep 7th. Now I’m fully awake hoping for an email from the embassy. I can’t go to sleep I have work in 5 hours 🤦🏻‍♂️
  7. I am sure it means that the AP is complete and it’s up to the officer and embassy to either move forward or request more docs. I’m comparing to many cases I have personally observed.
  8. Did everyone just got an update? I’m following 5 cases (3 from Riyadh and 2 from Djibouti), the ones from Riyadh embassy got an update today Sep 7th and the “/“ changed to “or” for all 3 cases. Please tell me this is not a glitch!!!
  9. How would you explain the August 15 update that we all received? It was around 11:30 PM in Washington time zone and 6:30 AM Riyadh time (Aug 16 on a Friday)?
  10. Don’t expect any updates until Tuesday since Monday is Labor Day.
  11. That just means it’s been a year since you interviewed and the DS-260 expires. So you have to go in there, keep pressing “next” on every page (unless some of your info changed like address...) and the new addition to the form is the social media part. Try to mention the social media accounts you listed on your DS-5535 plus the new ones you created since the interview. It does not mean your visa is getting issued but you’re closer to it than a lot since it has been a year since the interview!
  12. I believe the plaintiffs motion was DENIED because the court can’t enforce the DOS to expedite the security check! https://drive.google.com/file/d/1gP4_kVUcJMSiOHZN77dr1NCJJq9Q_es-/view
  13. Okay! The response my senator received from the Riyadh embassy was way more professional and organized than the ones I receive, if I get any replies. Though, the point across is the same, the case is under AP and she’ll be contacted when it’s over!! If you don’t mind, how many times did the senator contact the embassy? Was it like an every month type of thing or just once?
  14. How does the senator know that your waiver is approved? I thought senators receive as much information as we do from inquiries!! my wife also interviewed in Riyadh December 2018 CR1.
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