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  1. Hi all, I've scoured the forum but couldn't find an answer to this specific question. I'm AOS on a K1. Please see attached photo of my DS-3025. My question relates directly to the first immunization - (Diphetheria etc). I have read here that that applicants are required: "Td or Tdap or DT or DTP or DtaP (One date must be no longer than 10 years ago)" As you can see from my picture, I did not get a jab, but a waiver. The form is signed as complete at the bottom. 1) Will the waiver be enough, or is that only for other vaccines (i.e MMR where I have one vaccine date)? My own answer to this would be that it might be best to just submit and deal with it if I get an RFE.. I understand few of you are civil surgeons, but one of you may have been in a similar situation. Clearly, I would rather avoid a visit to the CS if I can manage it. Second bonus question: 2) Do I need to submit a I-693? (From my research this seems to be luck of the draw: some people get an RFE for it, some sail through) EDIT: for context, I have completed a medical overseas and am submitting within 6 months of it.
  2. Thank you so much. We've seen conflicting information, in fact the ONLY time we've seen where you need an I-864 is from an email from the consulate themselves, in a reply to our query. Given that there were different fonts all over the email, we thought it might be a mistake and we've received a template response from someone who has confused us with another visa. Or, I thought, wow they're just making it harder - better do it anyway! Still not quite sure, have sent another query to them...
  3. Hi all, Long time listener, first time caller here(!). My fiance and I live are applying for our K1 in Ho Chi Minh City. I am the beneficiary (UK). We are both English teachers living in Vietnam. We have sent off the DS-160 and are finalising documents for the interview. I have two questions surrounding the Affidavit of Support (my fiance's mother has agreed to co-sponsor, given that my fiance lives in Vietnam with me, does not have a job in the US, nor a homeowner etc.) 1) Does the co-sponsor (my fiance's mother) fill out a I-134 or I-864? My understanding is that I-864 was just for AOS further down the line, but we don't want to be tripped up at interview time. 2) Does my fiance also have to fill out a I-134 even though she does not clear the requirements? (And therefore also submit W-2s, IRS returns etc) Or can you just do it with one sponsor? many thanks for your support.
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