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  1. Seems to happen to alot of people. Wait 2 weeks, if still no then you can either call them at non busy times or fill out an online form you can find on the same page ish as your AOS stuff(click around top menu bar somewhere). Usually itll say paid out your bank account after a couple days but still will say processing is what happened to me. Takes a bit to show up on bank though.
  2. I submitted all documents the end of nov and around jan 15 they said all documents are accepted and now I have to wait for the interview date. On the site it says all accepted. Is it supposed to have some CC or something? Whats this
  3. Yeah my case is complete, all approved and said waiting for interview date. I am happy that they won't say "oh not eligible anymore" if they take too long.
  4. Yeah I know, just wondering the time frame until that is open. "Current" meaning a C on visa bulletin for F2A category for the country of spouse is from. Atleast they are giving out visas since it is current, no clue where in line they are so gotta wait I guess. Thanks all.
  5. Hold on, so it takes around an additional 6 months to get an interview date after they accepted all NVC stuff online and everything is still current? Woah, well, i don't think it will remain current for 6 additional months and then after 6 months theyll give you th einterview date couple more months after? So this like another year....That's rough.
  6. Right, if they didn't live with you and sponsoring without adding their income to yours, then mom would be a joint sponsor yeah. As for your father that is a tricky question, I am not too sure. I don't believe it would be house hold member since that directly means "your household member" on the site and not hers. However, I know when you put her tax returns up, since your parents are married, her tax return would be "joint tax return" which shows both their incomes. Yeah, research a lot more before acting on that so you dont have to wait so long again to reupload any mistakes. If I see anything, I will repost here of course. This is just my opinion for the record :D.
  7. Oh I see, thanks for the clarification. Yeah, seems like little mistakes costs another 6 plus weeks, that is frustrating. Just hoping this process goes fast enough while everything is still current, I see stuff not being current as much as last month so kinda worried what happens when all not current anymore.
  8. If you already contacted them, should be fix by a week, Mine was fixed by a week after I emailed them(from the website contact form) the info and pictures of the money coming out.
  9. Yes, wait for another work week to finish, if still not then there is a contact section on the site itself where you can email them directly by filling out your "case number info", I filled one out and sent a picture of my bank statement showing the money was taken out and then the explanation that one section is still frozen in processing. Couple days later and it was fixed. Now, I would wait another week before emailing them to see if it fixes itself since 8 days still kinda early for minor issues. Until then, gather all info and scan everything else to get ready to submit.
  10. On the online website to upload documents, there is a section where you can email them by filling out your case info. At least that gives you a ticket for a response at some point or just try calling them non busy hours and wait hours for them to pick up, nothing else you can really do, good luck.
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