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  1. Yes I do realise now that any visa application all answers would have to be answered truthfully which will make it very difficult to get any Visa. By non-immigrant visas I was meaning all work and travel visas.
  2. Although it may be difficult and take some convincing at the embassy to receive any visa in the future. I was not given any ban.
  3. I understand that. This is why I asked the forum. I knew I would have minimal chance of being accepted for a B visa given my circumstances. But was looking for more opinions on whether I could be accepted for a work visa as the CO had explained I could apply again.
  4. I have not as I am not certain that it is this Visa. Further discussion have still to be had with the employer if was able to accept his offer. I do understand that at least for a pro-longed period of time I will not be accepted for a B visa however.
  5. "You will be allowed to withdraw your application for admission to the united stated and you will have to obtain a new visa issues by a US embassy for future if you wish to travel to the united states". That is that wording of my interview transcript.
  6. It would be a different organisation under the O visa. But I do understand that the misrepresentation on the visa. However I was not given a ban but I do intent to allow for some time before applying for any non-immigrant visas.
  7. More or less but not really. It is a roundabout way of a facility bringing in foreign coaches. I have seen it before in the facility which my cousin worked in that I helped out on my ESTA. The facility owner is the O1 and has a number of spaces for O2's that they can bring in. I now understand all of it based on what you sent
  8. This is the type of visa I would be working. The director of the facility would be the 01. Thank you for sending this!
  9. I was advised I could re-apply for the J1 by the customs officer. However, I must state all the truthful facts which they are now aware of. I was not banned from entering the into the visa process again. Am I still in a position of being unlikely to be accepted though?
  10. I am not 100% sure. But I believe it is offered under the type o in some form.
  11. I had 2 previous estas in which i stayed up to 87 days. I had discussed with my cousins prior to both trips that I would be able work whilst on holiday. My phone was examined and this was discovered. I then had to admit this is the interview. I may have an offer to work as soccer coach again from January on a 12 month working Visa. This is my concern of being accepted for this
  12. I had recently attempted to enter the US on a J1 visa in order to coach Soccer in California. Upon entry to the US my visa was revoked as the customs officer had determined that I had worked casually in the US under an ESTA previously in the US whilst on holiday. In my visa application I had stated that I had never done this. I am now wondering what my options are for now and for the future entry into the US. I am aware I can no longer enter under the ESTA. However, I would like to know the likelihood of acceptance of another working visa or B2 travel visa either now or in the future. Thanks
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