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  1. It's about 9% in total(echange rates + fees). Still high for small amounts. Also, I will send in cash.
  2. Here's the World Bank's Remittance Data between US to Thailand. https://remittanceprices.worldbank.org/en/corridor/United-States/Thailand Those money services doesn't charge 5$.
  3. If I send USD to Thailand. there are exchange fees to because my family needs to exchange it to use. Also, money services like WU and moneygram charges you up to 10-15% fees and costs. So are you OK with that?
  4. No, my friends send Bitcoin without paying any fees. But I don't know about exchange fees.
  5. Hello everybody! I'm not happy with the money transfer fees. So, I'm trying to find a cheaper way to send money. I was thinking to send in Bitcoin. I know there are some people already using Bitcoin and they're OK with that. Do you send Bitcoin to your family or related?
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