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  1. Contact your university's/college's international student center. While they cannot give legal advice about AOS, they usually give full support on OPT process - they'll tell you if you are OPT/EAD eligible. Current wait time for family based EADs are 5.5 - 7.5 mo, in theory there is a plenty of time before August. However it doesn't hurt to ask your int student center.
  2. Got a letter in mail today with notice about I-693. No updates in the system, glad something is moving through!
  3. The reason why automatic extension does NOT apply is because F1 OPT eligibility category (c03, c03b, c03c - I don't exactly remember) is different from AOS (c09). Even i765 form has to be submitted as "initial", not as "extension" when AOS package is initially sent.
  4. I was terminated from my job the day my F1 OPT expired, now it's 3rd month sitting without my paycheck. Brace yourselves.
  5. I had a FL driver's license before AOS. With I485's NOA they gave me a new 1yr DL without any fuss. Really depends on the office even within same county - I really disliked Clearwater, whereas Largo office was great. Depends on the person who accepts the paperwork, there is no straightforward info on flhsmv.
  6. There is a lot to unpack in your message... First of all, if you have to wait for J1 waiver, doesn't seem you can apply for AOS beforehand. From what it seems F1 OPT EADs at Potomac are backlogged 2.5-5 mo, whereas nat. benef. center AOS EADs 5.5-7.5 mo now (and getting longer every month, just my observation). If you have an option applying for F1 OPT couple months before graduation then that's the way to go, once you get your F1 OPT EAD, then you can apply for AOS - your F1 OPT EAD should be still valid. Yes, F1 OPT EADs take long time, but it's better to be without job for couple of months (given you've applied before graduation) than half a year.
  7. USCIS updated their Case Processing Time 5.5 - 7.5 mo. Every month passed while I'm waiting, they make it a month longer.
  8. Hey guys, have you had more updates? I've applied on July 1, hasn't had anything since bio on July 31.
  9. Any updates anyone? Mine is still "As of July 31, 2019, we are processing the fingerprints" .
  10. I was able to ask this through Emma's livechat. Basically, the text message with updated case number was not associated with my application, seems like it was a mistake. The only valid case numbers are ones I received in paper NOAs. My case's latest update is still processing the fingerprints (Since July 31) and no difference from old and new case status reports, thank you for suggestion though.
  11. Hi everyone, Having a little bit more time, I might be overthinking, just wanted to see if it's common or not. I've applied for AOS and EAD from F1 to GC due to marriage with a receive notice on July 1. In less than a week I got NOA letters with three case numbers: MSC***89 for I485, MSC***90 for I130, MSC***91 for I765. All three notices generated updates to my wife's phone as texts/emails. Later, I got biometrics appointment with the same case number MSC***89 and went to give my fingerprints on July 27. Up to this point things went as expected and fairly smooth. Few days later, I get texts on my phone with case updates MSC***69 and MSC***91; I go check online and MSC***69 says "As of August 2, 2019, we completed our review of your fingerprints and are working on your Form I-485" and MSC***91 says "s of July 31, 2019, we are processing the fingerprints for your Form I-765". Here comes the ####### moment: How did my case number got lower by 20 (MSC***69 instead of MSC***89) and was the review of my fingerprints completed or not?! Just in case, I checked MSC***89 and it says "As of July 31, 2019, we are processing the fingerprints for your Form I-485" which is consistent with MSC***91. Having paper NOA stating MSC***89 I start to think that it was some kind of mixup/typo, and case MSC***69 is someone else. From what I see, fingerprint review normally goes pretty fast - some claim that FBI releases info within 24 hrs; has anyone else had their fingerprints reviewed for over 60 days?
  12. Sorry for sensitive question - do you have criminal record? Did you mean that it's been 6 mo since they've taken fingerprints and status still says "we are processing the fingerprints"?
  13. Adjusting from F1 to perm res (married to US Citizen). Filed AOS and EAD with receive date July 1; latest update was "As of July 31, 2019, we are processing the fingerprints" and since hasn't had any updates. Not having EAD sucks a lot since my OPT expired at the end of August. 64 days since last update and still waiting...
  14. Thanks a lot everyone, I just wanted to know if there was any way to check "in the system" which visa is cancelled for sure, which is valid. But seems like there is no way and it's safer now just to get a new visa =/ Getting a single entry was just a bad timing; now retrospectively there was no really a need to reapply at that time, but well - it is what it is.
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