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  1. Dude we brought a mountain of and they didn’t need hardly anything more than the tax info, joint sponsor info, and marriage certs.
  2. My wife wasnt asked anything about Public Charge. We just had her interview. Of course we had the paperwork ready, but still. We had a joint sponsor too.
  3. Yes. I had a frigging mountain of paper and we quizzed her lol. They didn’t want hardly any of the papers they asked like 4 questions. We do have a baby together so... lol I guess that rules out Fraud.
  4. My wife had her interview today. She wasn't asked anything about Public Charge. I filled out that stupid DS-5540 just in case. We did have a co-sponsor however.
  5. My wife just had her Visa interview at the US Embassy in Lima Peru. This was not a routine visa service. Her visa was approved!
  6. Hola all! Yes, My wife had her Visa interview today and it was nice to meet another member of Visajourney at the Embassy! It took absolutely forever! I don't know if they want to be named, but it was great to meet you! Stay in touch. Here or WhatsApp. Now we have to ESCAPE PERU! The GAME IS AFOOT!
  7. Hi. My wife has her interview next week and we have a joint sponsor. Are we safe from this state of Limbo regarding this ruling?
  8. That was the Ex Minister who was just fired. He said 5 different months on 5 different occasions for opening international flights and this quote was specific to flights from Cusco airport. All the hope is on International flights opening some time in August.
  9. Information for visa applicants regarding US Embassy in Mars: As of March 16, the United States Embassy in Mars is cancelling all routine immigrant and nonimmigrant visa appointments. The Consular Section of Olympus Mons is closed until Elon Musk saves us all with memes or Dr. Manhattan decides to leave humanity behind to live on Mars. We will resume routine visa services as soon as possible but are unable to provide a specific date at this time.
  10. Hmmm. They are sending mixed messages. oh well. Just gotta watch the embassy.
  11. If any of you are following the Travel Gov Twitter feed, they are now not mentioning the July 15th date anymore. ☹️
  12. Sure. Go to my profile and follow me. I’ve done the same for you. I badger the embassy constantly. They probably hate me. I have asked for emergency interview for the sake of my infant daughter and weekly I send them reminders. My latest strategy is to ask my US Senator for help. We will see. I follow here, on the Americans Stuck in Peru Facebook Group just for news about Peru reopening. Also Enroll in STEP for US Embassy in Peru and follow their Facebook pages.
  13. Anyone (that actually participates in this forum, not just rumor) actually have an interview yet?
  14. Yikes. Peru better get their junk together and Open the country. We really don’t want to have to pay another $500 and lose a day in horrible hospital processes.
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