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  1. Wow thankyou so much for this very comprehensive reply. I appreciate it. ❤️
  2. I see. Tnx for your response. I will just schedule first my interview then do my medical.
  3. Hi everyone, im sorry if my question has been asked before. Please send me the link of the discussion if you know one. im from the philippines. The CEAC status is now “ready” and i already have the email from nvc of my case number. I already registered online for my medical exam at st lukes. But i haven’t sched yet my interview. Will that be ok? Or its a must to have the interview sched first? Thankyou so much for your responses.
  4. Thankyou for that very thorough explanation 😊i appreciate it.
  5. Hello everyone, my american fiance is gaining 60,000 usd annually. 45k from his permanent job which he started october 2018, and 15k from his 2 website part time jobs. He can get all the proper documents from all his job. My only question is: is it ok that his w2 form only states that he gained 9k something, because its duration is october 2018 to jan/mar (not sure if jan or march) 2019. Because its his new job. But he does have a certificate of employment which states that he will be paid 45k annually. Thankyou very much. Your responses are well appreciated
  6. I didnt applied for any waiver since i do not have bar. The k1 petition took exactly 3 months to get approved.
  7. Hello yes, don’t worry. There’s still a chance that you will get your k1 approved. Just like what happened to me, i was deported then applied for k1, we got approved and i am just waiting now for my medical and interview. I hope all things go smoothly.
  8. I was deported back to my home country right after my arrival in san francisco. They took my phone and searched through every chat. They found out that me and my boyfriend have intentions of getting married. Same day, i was sent back home. They didnt barred me, they just revoked my visa. After that, we applied for a k1 visa and after exactly 3 months, we got approved. Do i need a waiver for my case? Or any forms because i was deported before? I just dont wanna present again myself to the airport only to crushed all my dreams of being with my fiance. Thank you so much for all your advises. This will surely give me peace of mind. God bless you all
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