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  1. yes, i still forget to write the date in the American format. I meant i Have sent it on 07 october and it was delivered on 09 october. But i still didnt get the notice of Receipt
  2. Hello, I have sent my Adjustment of status on 07/10/2019 and til this day i still didn't receive a NOA1 . I have checked with the post office an it was delivered on 09/10/2019. Is this normal ?
  3. oh alright, thanks for your reply. i also have another question if you can answer me. When i got married i added my husbands last name so now its First name LAst name Husbands last name. however its only in the marriage certificate. My passport and everything else has First name LAst name only. So on the application what name should i use? thank you
  4. can i apply for i751 even if we have been married for less than 2 years
  5. this was very helpful, thank you. How many pictures, birth certificates and passport copy did you submit in total?
  6. hello, I have been trying to do my adjustment of status alone rather than using an attorney which can cost about $4000. And i wanted to make sure that i can do it myself and not mess it up. background about my case: i came to the US in 2014 on an F-1 Visa got married on 27/08/2018 to a Us citizen stopped attending school after getting married so i was out of status visa expiring on 20/7/2019 I have been looking online and found out that being out of status wont be an issue. I also found that i can apply for form I-485 and I-130 concurrently. My questions are do i have to have different folders for I-30 and I-485 or can i just put them in the same folder? Both forms require the same documents, for example 2 passport pictures, does that mean that i will need to provide 4 passport pictures?
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