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  1. Are these the best countries (Gibraltar, Iceland + Denmark) to get married in? Do you have other ideas of relatively easy spots to get married?
  2. Yes, we have organized the actions to take, we were just mostly confused about having to marry in a 3rd country and all the complications of that. But after today and all the help Ive received, I feel MUCH clearer! Thank you for your time!
  3. So helpful! I didn't even consider the EU element! Thank you so much for your help! Sure, we have had no issues up to this point. All this information is SUPER helpful!
  4. So I could marry him in the UK on the ESTA?
  5. So I could marry him in the UK on the ESTA?
  6. Right. I KNOW NOTHING and I don't know who to talk to or how to get help. But already this has been a very supportive process and I am so grateful for this support.
  7. Wow! Thank you! this is soooo helpful! I am so bummed the lawyers mislead us!
  8. Really? Are you a UK citizen? What was this process like? Did you get married and then return home and then file for visa? What did you say when entering US knowing you came to get married?
  9. If you can marry on an ESTA, then what is the point of the Fiancee Visa?
  10. I'm so confused. We've seen 2 different lawyers for 2 different opinions and both encouraged a 3rd country marriage.
  11. No. I live in the US and he in the UK. We have been visiting via ESTA. We're told NOT to get married whilst visiting on ESTA.
  12. We are not applying for fiancee, we would apply for Spouse Visa from abroad. I haven't filled out timeline, as we have yet to get married.
  13. We were told 3rd country, to avoid getting married on traveller visa, which is a conflict to get married on a ESTA.
  14. Hello, I am new to all of this and VERY confused! I have a stupid question to start with. I am a US citizen, my partner is a UK citizen. We have been working with a lawyer, but I wanted to ask here as well. We have been told we need to marry in a 3rd country. But we are VERY unclear about the process of actually getting married. 1. Where should we get married? 2. What do we need to do once + where we get married? Thank you. I pray for help and support. Eugenia
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