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  1. p.dang

    Blue slip help

    Make an appointment otherwise they will not let you in. I believed the appointment was for the afternoon. If i remember you have to select it for reschedule for 221g They did not even do another interview after looking at the mound of evidence went submitted. Make it easy for them to sort through. We had Post-it Flag between each evidence so it was easier for them to find things. It says if you have other evidence to submit it too. If you have more pictures of you and her together I would submit more of them. Here what i did for the 221G
  2. p.dang

    Blue slip help

    Yes with the the evidence with submit after the 221G we were approved the same day.
  3. AUG 11 2020 Biometrics AUG 19 2020 Ready to be schedule for Interview
  4. My wife happen the same way. I’m still waiting on the card to verify it the combo card but it looks like it.
  5. Update: I765 is Approved and card is being mailed to my wife on 9/22/2020 I131 just went to approved on 09/22/2020 with no biometrics. She only had the biometrics for the I765/I485. Maybe they used those biometrics.
  6. I485/i765/i131 Case received on April 28, 2020 i485/i765 Fingerprint taken on August 13, 2020 i485 Ready for Interview on August 19, 2020 i131 status is cased received only. No updates on AP. Looks like my wife will get her Work permit soon. i765 New card is being produce on September 18, 2020.
  7. Just received Asc biometrics appointment letter in the mail for my wife today.
  8. https://www.washingtonpost.com/opinions/how-the-trump-administration-is-turning-legal-immigrants-into-undocumented-ones/2020/07/09/15c1cbf6-c203-11ea-9fdd-b7ac6b051dc8_story.html Article about delay printing.
  9. @GRASGM Dr. Sunita Lohiya 1120 W Warner Ave Santa Ana, CA 92707 Phone number(714) 444-4448
  10. Recieved the NOA for I-485, I-765, I-131 in the mail 05/09/2020 for my wife’s AOS
  11. I did this but I clicked yes on that option for the I-134 when wife took it for her interview at the time for k1.
  12. Before all thing that happen in the world. The VJ timeline estimate was very close. I think mine was 4day to a week. With everything that going on I would take the VJ estimation with a grain of salt.
  13. p.dang

    Blue slip help

    This is what I would do if it was me. I would write a statement informing them situation. I would have your mom write statement saying she bought the ticket for her son and sign it. See if you can get the statement from her credit showing the purchase. Then have your brother write a statement saying your mom bought the ticket. Also say that you have a sign statement from your mom that she purchase the ticket for him. Also that you have the credit card statement from your mom showing that purchase of the ticket. Have your brother sign that statment. That what I would in this situation if I was in your shoe.
  14. The sent us the case number via text. Using the uscis case status tool to check your status
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