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    my wife and I were married on jan 1st '07 in India. I've know her for about a year in total with most of our communication being long distance until we got married. It was an semi-arranged marriage where we were intorduced by family and left to decide.

    after marriage, she turned out to be very different than what she portrayed herself to be prior... she lives with my family in india but has total disregard and disrespect for my parents. turns out I was a bad judge of character and she is a major game player, lying for small things and does not have the family values she convinced me she had. on multiple instance i've found her telling me things entirely different from versions i hear from family, which seems like she is trying to turn me against them. for what purpose? i have no worldly clue...

    my parents are very modern, educated here in the US and I have no reason to doubt them after being their son for 27 years. but while i was in love with my fiance, its like the wife i married is a completely different person that plays all kind of manipulative games.... still trying to make a decision on what to do, but i want to put emotions on the side for a minute and be practical about this life...

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