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  1. NO I dont have any children unfortunately. Sibling petition takes that long, then, I will do for returning resident visa. Thank you for your info!!! appreciate it!
  2. I will try every way to go back. One thing I worry is my 82 years old dad he needs help to live in Japan by himself. Thank you for your time and your comment!!
  3. Thank you for your instruction. Since I got divorced with UScitizen, It might be eligible for me to have a relative visa. My grandparents were UScitizen also, but they are already passed away, but their relatives still living in Texas. But It has been long time to have contacted to them. Thinking I should give up, this is second time I gave up on the green card, such a shame. I kinda regret it was 30 years ago, the US immigration officer sent me a mail about whether I have a will to reapply for a greencard or abandon the rights, and I replied I dont need it. Now that this is my second time I should go over again..... Anyway returning resident visa will do maybe, I should try every way that you recommended me to do this time, not to regret what I have done. Thank you again for your time!
  4. No I did not know about the reentry permit or any filing was necessary. In order to apply for returning resident visa, only embassy will do? not immigration office? In Japan, we have USembassy only in Tokyo, it is very far and cost 20000 yen at least to go Tokyo from here. I will definitely take returning resident visa if it is allowed. Thank you so much for your guidance.
  5. Yes, I called them but could not reach them. I will try again tomorrow, Thank you!
  6. I like to ask about US greencard, married to US citizen 8 years ago, and divorced him. Then, my Dad in Japan had serious illness, I am taking care of him for over 2 years in Japan now. I have been paid income Tax until now. What should I do if I want to go back to US and get a job? Can I just go US and get a job with sightseen visa and my greencard still has 2 years left until expiration date. Anybody knows where I can ask this question to?
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