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  1. Im a recent graduate from a university in the UK, who is looking to start a graduate program in California this Fall. I have been accepted and now need to obtain an F1 visa from the US embassy in London. However, i have been travelling on an ESTA in the US for the past two and a half months (April-June 2019) and before that, my travel history involves a 1 and a half month esta stay from Aug-Sept 2018, and a J1 visa exchange study from Aug 2017 - June 2018 (grace period incl.) My question is, will i run into a lot of issues and risk a f1 denial at the embassy in London if i was to apply for my F1 in July? Would they ask questions about my travels and my frequent visits? Is it likely that i will get denied? During my travels i have been visiting friends, and attending festivals/travelling across the west coast to different cities and states. I have not worked illegally or broken any ESTA rules, and have never overstayed my visa limits. I have only applied to one school for graduate studies, which is also in California, where a large majority of my time has been spent as well as where i went to study on my j1 exchange. Will this raise questions about the nature of my time spent in California, and why i have chosen to go back there for school? Since a lot of my friends live in California, and a lot of festivals i have attended were in that state, i spent a majority of my time there. Do the lengths of my stays suggest a lack of ties to London? Since i had finished uni in April, i had a few months to do some travelling with inherited savings.
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