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  1. inshaAllah hope so. Online uploaded on 12 Sept Hard copies 18sept They didn't asked for hard copies in email they only asked to upload documents on ceac.
  2. Hi, i sent email to embassy on Wednesday today i received thr reply they said nothing to worry our documents are pending to review that's why our status showing refused. Once they review the documents they will put us in Administrative processing or we will be issued or 😭.
  3. Thankyou so much. I will definitely ask on above mentioned link Thanks again.
  4. I know girls interviewed on 5sept19 same case as mine they are in Administrative processing after 30 days of submission /uploading documents. But I'm still REFUSED.
  5. I am so sorry I'm new to this whenever i want to post/ask i get confused, i never find proper place.
  6. Yes i have submitted hard copies + uploaded on ceac. Just 2 updates but status REFUSED . I know one guy he was interviewed on same day and was asked to submit proof of bonafide marriage we both receive same updates every month same date and his status also Refused. (He also submitted and uploaded the documents.)
  7. Hi all My visa was refused on 2August 2019. I got email from Embassy to upload jointsponsor on ceac. Which i uploaded its almost 2months my case status still shows REFUSED . I don't know what to do. Anyone experienced or going through the same? Plz guide. Note: last update October 8, 2019 status Refused 😭
  8. I recieved his(Jointsponsor) paystub earning statement. I need paystub of his wife or not who is filling i864A?
  9. My joint sponsor is retired and now he has part time job. On 1040 tax return the adjusted gross income is 1270000$ which includes pension wages SS benefits and annuities. I have SS benefit statement for 2018, form 1099R [distribution from pension annuities retirement profit sharing plan etc for 2018] statement of annuity paid records.W2s 2018 of both husband and wife as they both are working part time...household size is 3 including me on i864. His pension annuities 60k and ss benefits are 20k. Wages salaries are 40k+. 1)Do the pension and ss benefits are considered as their income? 2) Does he qualify as joint sponsor and his wife a cosponsor?(just asking this as i read on Facebook that some embassies don't consider pension and ss benefit as income)
  10. Thankyou! Well they both are retired but still working in fire department. On 1040 income tax return they have adjusted gross income of 125000$ and 3 household size including me. I don't have paystubs but i will surely ask them. Source of income is SS benefit Pension , w2 and other contracts.
  11. Hi everyone! My joint sponsor is married and filing tax jointly with his wife. So the joint sponsor is filling+signing I864 and his wife is filling+signing i864A. 1 question: what option is correct for my joint sponsor on I864 (Image attached) 1d (I am the only joint sponsor) or 1e ( i am the first joint sponsor) as his wife is filling i864A and ther income is combined. 2 question: I have form 1040 , 8582 , 8283 , 4562 , 1099 social security benefit statements , W2s and ther US passports as they are citizen So these documents are enough or any document missing? Thankyou!
  12. Thankyou qasim. But at ceac web site there's already accepted joint sponsors but during interview he rejected them. Now there's no option to upload joint sponsor at AOS ..but below the AOS of petitioner ther's option ( Add documents) which shows upload documents on behaf of petitioner. Should i upload my new joint sponsor thr and explain in comments? Thankyou!
  13. No option to upload new joint sponsor. Plus my question is if they want new joint sponsor than why they didn't marked on new joint sponsor on 221g? As the courier person is allowing to submit only marked items on 221g. There is option for new joint sponsor which is not marked. Should i submitt new joint sponsor through courier or not? They are not even replying to my email😞. Thankyou!
  14. I had interview on 2Aug 2019 everything went well the officer said your joint sponsors can't sponsor you you need a new joint sponsor... and gave me 221g , on 221g he didn't marked on new joint sponsor he marked on joint sponsor which i already had (accepted on ceac site) but he refused them verbally not on 221g ... at UsTraveldocs courier person said you have to submit only marked items. What should i do ? should i submitt new joint sponsor via AEG UsTraveldocs as there's no place to upload online my joint sponsor still accepted online not refused? Attaching 221g And how long it takes? They kept my Passport. Visa category was F21 after interview changed to FX1.
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