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  1. No updates just waiting. I had one but that was just because i send inquiry so case updated otherwise no updates till now.
  2. Yes 21137 is enough, my jointsponsor was accepted and approved by NVC but CO rejected during interview without any reason given, i asked him he replied "i am not suppose to answer this"😪
  3. Above poverty guidelines 28000$ but now new jointsponsor's income above 140000$
  4. Walikumussalam, Update 8oct 11oct 27nov Case status Still refused You tell any good news?
  5. inshaAllah hope so. Online uploaded on 12 Sept Hard copies 18sept They didn't asked for hard copies in email they only asked to upload documents on ceac.
  6. Hi, i sent email to embassy on Wednesday today i received thr reply they said nothing to worry our documents are pending to review that's why our status showing refused. Once they review the documents they will put us in Administrative processing or we will be issued or 😭.
  7. Thankyou so much. I will definitely ask on above mentioned link Thanks again.
  8. I know girls interviewed on 5sept19 same case as mine they are in Administrative processing after 30 days of submission /uploading documents. But I'm still REFUSED.
  9. I am so sorry I'm new to this whenever i want to post/ask i get confused, i never find proper place.
  10. Yes i have submitted hard copies + uploaded on ceac. Just 2 updates but status REFUSED . I know one guy he was interviewed on same day and was asked to submit proof of bonafide marriage we both receive same updates every month same date and his status also Refused. (He also submitted and uploaded the documents.)
  11. Hi all My visa was refused on 2August 2019. I got email from Embassy to upload jointsponsor on ceac. Which i uploaded its almost 2months my case status still shows REFUSED . I don't know what to do. Anyone experienced or going through the same? Plz guide. Note: last update October 8, 2019 status Refused 😭
  12. I recieved his(Jointsponsor) paystub earning statement. I need paystub of his wife or not who is filling i864A?
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