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  1. Hey guys, so I spent several hours going through all these topics and I found some valuable information. However, I would still like to ask as I do not want to make any mistakes. I arrived in the US in November 2019 on CR-1, my 10 year green card came in the mail in February 2020. My husband re-enlisted couple weeks ago and we already know we will be going back to Europe - to Germany. He wont have his hard orders until some time next year but he got an email with report date in December 2021. 1. When should I apply for naturalization under 319(b)? Is it easier from the US or Germany? 2. Will my travels affect the naturalization process in any way? I am asking because my husband is going on a 9 month long rotation in couple of months and I am planning on going to my home country for some months + travel some outside the US. Still not sure whether I should apply for re-entry permit or not but just wondering if they would look at my travels as am not being serious about living here. Thanks!
  2. I am thinking about going for 3 months. I know there is some condition... Do they only count consecutive months or all together in a year? I will be going again in fall
  3. I arrived in the US in November 2019 on CR-1 after DCF in Frankfurt, Germany. I am now awaiting my green card in the mail. Since my husband is military and will be gone for some months, I would like to travel back home for that time. Am I allowed to travel internationally without green card in hand and with just a stamp in my passport?
  4. I read that page several times before asking my question. May I ask how you got the date and why I shouldn't submit I-751 prior that date?
  5. Hi everyone, I really hope someone might have an answer for me. I just arrived in the US on Cr1 last night and was told green card will be sent to our address. The officer also said I need to call USCIS3 and tell them to remove the condition but he didn't answer to my question. I arrived on the 12th of November and got married on November 24 2017.so basically almost 2 years ago. Will my green card arrive with conditions or do I need to file for removal like right now?
  6. HI, for that address I put the military base address we are going to. If you don't have orders yet and still don't know where yall going to be stationed next, put his parents address. This address can be changed once you arrive at port of entry and then again online once you are in the states. Some people put address unknown or to be determined. You have a chance to explain this at your interview. They are used to this as they understand it is normal for military families not knowing their next address Thanks! I already sorted it out
  7. I had my immigrant CR1 visa interview yesterday at consulate in Frankfurt, Germany (DCF) and was approved. My husband is in the military and ordered to leave Germany in November. I told them that we still have no address in the US and was advised I will have to give it to agents at port of entry. The problem is, we are not allowed to look for a house until we arrive to our new duty station. I spoke with the housing office and there is no way around it so at this point I don't know what address I should give them. Has anyone gone through this and could pitch in on what to do?
  8. I apologize upfront if this topic has been discussed before but I searched for over an hour and didnt find what I was looking for. I am in the process of CR-1 visa through Frankfurt, Germany (I am posting in this section as I believe I might get more input than if posted in DCF) and yesterday I received an email inviting me to schedule an interview. For the interview I am supposed to bring originals of my court records. Over 12 years ago I studied in the US and got a misdemeanor charge. And because of this, I hired a lawyer just in case to help with my immigration process. This lawyer obtained my court records as I was only given one paper back then. I emailed my lawyer about the request for original documents but have not heard back yet. I keep looking at the provided documents and it seems like it is one documents that consists of 4 pages but only the first page has a stamp on it. What I am trying to ask is, can I obtain US court records from overseas? Would online records be considered originals?
  9. Hopefully, this thread might help someone else filing through Frankfurt. It can be very confusing because lots of people on here experienced completely different process. I do, however, agree with previous responses....it is VERY important to have duplicates or notarized copies of important documents. When I mailed out all the originals, a day later I realized how many problems it can cause me. I am super pregnant and will need my birth and marriage certificate in order to obtain my child's birth certificate AND CRBA. So now, instead of just patiently waiting for my interview, I am under stress and trying to obtain duplicates.
  10. Our lawyer advised us to put the address of my husband's new duty station. This can be easily explained during the interview and changed once we enter the US
  11. Seems like what you did online was DS-260 and then sent all the required documents from received checklist, right? Uscis in gernany requires original documents as well as copies. Also seems like we both are at the same step and just waiting for interview letter. When did you send your documents? Have you done your medical? I heard the letter should come fast but then again some are saying they are now overloaded.... Once we get the letter, we schedule our own appointment and that's basically it. Fees are paid at the interview. BTW don't get frustrated with people on here
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