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  1. You will be okay. I saw a child the other day when I went to my interview... But the best thing would be for her to call them and make sure!
  2. Same for me, I tried 3 different laptops and phones lol.
  3. Hi all, Quick question, is it normal to see Administrative Processing show up on your CEAC status before you attend your interview? We have it scheduled for next week, but it's gone from ready to Processing recently.. Has me a little spooked.
  4. Hey Garrett, Your interview will be around the same time as Katya's and I's. Can you check your CEAC and see if it says administrative processing? Ours says it right now, but we haven't had our interview yet.... Also I suggest getting there early.6:30 or 7am if your appointments at 8am. There is a person who is across the street who can hold your phone. I never asked to see how much it was. I suggest just leaving your phones at your flat.
  5. Actually a few appointments are available for next week and the week after... Check once a day.
  6. Hey Garrett, First of all, she will not receive anything from the embassy like other countries usually send out packets. I was with your shipment, you need to go to here http://www.ustraveldocs.com/ru/index.html?firstTime=No create a account, you'll need this to schedule the interview. Then fill out your DS-160 information here https://ceac.state.gov/GenNIV/Default.aspx I have trouble accessing this website alot, I always have to go into incognito mode on chrome for it to function properly. Then you'll want to fill out the DS-160 with your S/O. Make sure it's all accurate then continue to the traveldocs website, now you will want to select Russia and then pay the visa fee. You can do this online with Russian standard bank. Once you do all of this and enter the receipt number, the embassy will do a manual approval of your application, took me about 2 days. Then I can now schedule a interview. We personally are waiting till September for ours, but be sure you or your S/O check everyday at least once. I've been seeing appointments pop up randomly. Also make sure she's already getting her Police record, it takes about 30 days, Katya is waiting on hers right now.
  7. And it's delivered... I hope this ends soon for all of us!
  8. Hate to grave-dig, but how long did it take you guys to see the appointment dates open? Do you guys know of any whatsapp groups?
  9. Ah, I thought it was every other Tuesday, which would make this the next shipment. Oh well
  10. Am I correct in assuming that there will be a shipment today? We just got approved on the 22nd of July.
  11. Not to sound mushy but man! It's so cool to have a supportive community. I don't know what I would do without the knowledge vj has given me. Especially the tips and tricks. No doubt I will share my experience with everyone. I actually work at embassies all around the world. And talked with COs at certain posts. They're given strict Guidelines to follow. And I get they don't want to let fraud happen. Just happens that true relationships also get caught up in such problems to for no reason. I wish this was more strean-lined. But this is what we got. Onward my friends to the next part in our journey.
  12. Just received our NOA2 approval 6/26/19. Let the next stage begin.
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