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  1. Thank you!! I am including a death certificate but didn't think about tickets receipts at all. ill look for them as well.
  2. Thank you so much! I just want to make sure there's nothing on there that would get this denied
  3. hey all! we got a letter stating we filed late, honestly there were many things that prevented us to send the form in earlier and wished we had done so. anyways, i was asked to submit a reason on why we filed nearly a month late. can anyone please assist and tell me if this is all correct? "Dear USCIS examiner: Please accept our sincere apologies for not completing the I-751 form according to the USCIS guidelines. We failed to meet this deadline because of a family which lead me to use all of my savings and simply couldn’t afford to send the forms out on time. My father-in law passed away July 30th, 2017, but two weeks before that (wife) took an emergency flight to Pakistan with our 6-month-old daughter. Since it was an emergency flight, it cost us over double the amount of the regular flight. Additionally, I had to fly out on July 29th to see my dying father -in-law, only to hear that he has passed while I was on the plane. However, none of this explains why we filed about one month late. This is because my wife and I spent all of our savings flying over to Pakistan, helping in the funds for burial and other miscellaneous expenses. All of this while having to take off from work without pay since I didn’t have any vacation days left. The death of my father in-law was not an easy one for us since he was like my own father to me, but (wife), my wife, was effected very negatively so she decided to stay in Pakistan until end of September to be with her mother who now lives alone since (wife) is the only child. All of this was very expensive for a single income family. Eventually, we were finally able to get everything back in order but didn’t have the funds to make the payment to file for the I-751 and pay the preparer until mid-January We genuinely believed that we would have filed the I-751 form within the 3 months prior to the expiration on her green card but this family death and minimal funds set us back drastically. We understand all the rules and regulations and have taken this process extremely seriously. My Wife, (wife) and I deeply love each other and are committed to being in compliance with all USCIS rules and regulations in order to continue our life together in New York. We regret this event and therefore offer our sincerest apologies. thank you for your understanding." Thank you in advance!
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