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  1. I guess another factor in my reasoning is, the worker would be getting paid for a full time wage, but not required to work full time. We live in a 1800 sq ft duplex. At most the worker may have 3-4 hours of work per day. I assumed minimum wage would be fair since a large part of the community here gets paid minimum wage. We rent to family who work minimum wage jobs and they seems to make it. I can’t believe the word slavery and servatitude are being thrown around. Of course we would set them up for the winter conditions. This isn’t the movies. I’m not trying to pay someone $8 an hour and then nickel and dime them for everything. Now, if the worker wanted to go out and see a movie, have a drink, etc, that would be own their own dime. I would think the incentive to remain ongoing would be that even though they are only making minimum wage they wouldn’t have a single bill to pay here. You get what you pay for, I have seen and talked with a lot workers here getting paid 40-100 pesos a day ($1-2 USD). They are happy to be working and go out of their way to ensure the job they do is done correctly. It’s a different mindset in these parts.
  2. And to add to the to govt sets per diem rates for all locations. Philippines Manila is $137 a day to live off the local economy. Alaska Anchorage $125
  3. I have been living here for a little time now and that’s not necessarily true. I bought a Cheeseburger meal here at Wendy’s for about $6 USD equivalent. T-shirts are 10-15 usd for the generic shirt. Cars are more expensive in most cases. Alcohol is similarly priced. COL isn’t 3-4x less here. But a minimum wage employee would see a 4x increase to their pay. I sleep fine at night. I’m not trying to scam anyone. Just wanted information. I fell like trump right now though
  4. Minimum wage in the Philippines is under 700 pesos a month. That’s $350USD a month. Again, a month. That’s 4-5 weeks. How is paying someone $320 a week and providing lodging and meals modern day slavery?
  5. Thank you for the info. What I was really hunting for boiler- I am doing a 180 tour in Singapore, but I am stationed in Alaska
  6. Fire away. I’m here for a 180 tour, but I’ll answer what I can
  7. Funding a trip home is something I would feel completely ok with. As far as insurance and SS contributions I don’t se why that couldn’t be worked into the deal to some extent. I don’t want to come across as someone trying to find cheap labor, but after seeing the vast population here that works for pennies on the dollar compared to workers in the US it seems I would be giving someone a much better financial opportunity then what available to them currently https://www.indeed.com.ph/salaries/Housekeeper-Salaries
  8. Just in my experience we haven’t had any luck to date hiring someone who stays the course. I would be paying them a fair wage. $8 is the minimum wage here. Same rate the foreigners our big box stores are hiring, and they get no room and board
  9. Thank you for this info. I will try and read more to see if I have a case or not. Hard thing with Alaska is, most lower 48ers aren’t eager to come up to the last frontier. I do appreciate your help
  10. In my experience trying this in the past you don’t get what you pay for and the majority of us housekeepers eventually ake you for granite. We had an employ working everyday for 3 hours doing a,b,c,d. After a few months they started taking 4 hours. Then 4 hours do just abc and didn’t want to do d anymore. We hired a new housekeeper and it was more of the same. They would get comfortable and push the limits so we’d have to let them go. Even paying them above minimum wage didn’t help. I ran the numbers and I could hire someone full time at $8 an hour and give them room an board ( we have the extra space) and it would be about the same price. Seems from what I see here in Singapore and the Philippines, they work with a lot more pride and thankfulness just to be employed. You dont get that in the US as easy
  11. My wife and I have other businesses outside the military which affords us the additional income to hire a permanent worker.
  12. I’m married to a wonderful wife with two girls one of which has autism. So the extra help around the house would be great. I thought I’d the Philippines because no one in Alaska would be a live in house keeper for minimum wage even with room and board included. So glad you’re first thought was about lust. In the future give the member the benefit of the doubt. You additional comments added no value to the post for me and future readers
  13. I am in the US Military and I’ve been stationed in Singapore with many trips to the Philippines. I didn’t even realize I could hire a foreign worker to be a housekeeper in the states. I’ve read a lot in this site, but I feel like I’m missing a checklist or how to guide. Is there a site or a forum that breaks down the process to hire and get a vise for a foreign worker? Any tips or potential hang ups you might foresee?
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