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  1. His picture is only signed but hopefully they can put two and two together. I feel like I've read here so many times to sign and date them lol.
  2. Too late. I've sent it. I printed my name and signed. I think he just signed. Hopefully they will have mercy lol
  3. Ok lol. I've never seen that mentioned anywhere before.
  4. What is a TOS? We met on reddit and then talked through instagram. It wasn't a dating site.
  5. Haha ok I will take the letters/gift receipts out. Thank you for your help! I am just paranoid and don't want an RFE.
  6. I figured some of it was not exact proof but maybe more frontloading a bit and maybe to validate some dates/trips. Should I take it out or is it ok to keep in?
  7. You are the best news! Haha so ready to send this thing off. Thank you!!
  8. Today is the day! (Hopefully) I am going to send this packet off in a few hours on my lunch. I want to make sure I gave exactly what is needed. This is my packet in order: Form G-1450 Form G-1145 Cover Letter I-129F (13 pages total with wet signature) I-129F Supplemental Pages (all pages signed and dated) Petitioner Birth Certificate (front and back) Passport photos of petitioner and beneficiary (signed and dated within 30 days on back of pics and sealed in baggie) Fiance' Letter of Intent to Marry for petitioner (1 page signed and dated) and beneficiary (1 page signed and dated) Evidence of meeting in person in last 2 Years: I have included : - Receipt for gifts - Rental Car confirmations for every visit (5) - Flight confirmations for every visit (5) - Airbnb receipts for 4 trips - Instagram posts dated with picture of engagement ring and us - 5 pages of pictures dated and with brief description of each trip. Pictures include beneficiary in pictures with my mom and nephew and the rest are with me on our various trips. - 4 copies of different cards/letters we have sent each other talking about upcoming trips - 4 pages of beneficiary's passport with stamps I did a two hole punch at the top, and added tabs at the bottom and binder clipped it together. I want to verify that my evidence of meeting is enough? The beneficiary is the only one who has traveled as I haven't been able to.I know letters and receipts arent the best evidence but I figured they might help with the stamps and flight confirmations. Also, ive seen this discussed on this site various times, but a i-94 is not needed at this time if the beneficiary is not currently here, correct? Thank you!!
  9. Thank you!! I am going to add page numbers to all of mine now.
  10. Yes, I used word for my additional pages and created headers with the page number, part number, and item number. The only reason why I am not using my passport is because I have not traveled to my fiance's country. He has been coming to me.
  11. Yes, I added extra word documents instead of the extra pages they give you so I could write more. Ah ok, I wasn't sure of that. Thank you!
  12. Yes, sorry that wasnt clear. Two letters of intent to marry with signature and date for petitioner and beneficiary . I actually haven't traveled to his country yet due to work (new job and building vacation time) He has been the one making all the trips bless his heart lol. This is why I am using my birth certificate. I will add in our communication but I do have a paragraph on when/how we met and all the dates of our trips. Should I be more detailed? Like what we did exactly? Done! Thank you so much!!
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