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  1. Thanks. Considering some things seem to be rigid rules and others seem to be suggestions it is hard to know which are which. I appreciate the help in distinguishing between the 2.
  2. The form DS-2029 for a child born to a US citizen born abroad that is found on travel.state.gov website has an expiration date of July 31, 2019. In a short search on the website, I did not see where to go to address the issue. Will this likely be corrected in the near future with an updated form? Does anyone know who to contact about the issue? At what point in time should I just submit the expired form?
  3. I would love to but financially it doesn't work. I am self employed and so I can travel back and forth on a regular basis, but have no real prospects for making what I consider reasonable money in Ecuador. That is why spending extra money would be a mute point, if it meant spending more time in the States where I have an income. I look forward to having enough money to move, but I am not there yet.
  4. Thanks very much for a non-critical reply. That would be my concern. Added expense would honestly be negligible considering just spending 1 month more in the US instead of with them in Ecuador would probably pay for the difference in price and my wife will not work in Ecuador or the US until our daughter is older so her not being able to work is irrelevant. I get the picture that it is probably a bad idea, but I thought there might of been someone else who had the same idea and maybe even tried.
  5. I understand that the idea is extreme, but I, being the one considering it, don't understand the idea being absurd. Going through the BS of adjustment of status does not sound like a bad trade off for getting my wife and newborn daughter to the US 4 months faster. Four months is a long time to miss out of my daughter's life, not to mention that of my wife. I don't know if I would make the choice, but I am curious if it is an option. My concern would be that the K1 visa would be declined because of trying to work the system.
  6. Since the timeline for K1 visas appears to be about 4 months faster, would divorcing and remarrying be an option? I certainly don't like that option, but if it saves me 4 months then I might have to think about it. I have not filed anything in the US. Could we just have another ceremony there? Since her ID shows her being married, I am assuming the answer would be no on that one.
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