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  1. What country are you awaiting in ? If you are or looking for a lawyer and if you like I can forward our family lawyer and you can see what he is able to help you with and see what step's you need to take
  2. Thank you and I now its not easy its never easy waiting believe me we have waiting 3 year's for this day to come it was not a easy journey but it was sure worth the waiting everyday that went pass we thought we was never going to hear the end of this journey. Keep you head up may god bless you on your visa journey. I will keep updates if anything change on our case processes and if they request for other wise planing in advances is never to late keep calling around and speak with other lawyer's ... Where are you located?
  3. We just had waiver approved last week and we was not required to start over again hope this help's you. We just had to resubmit documents to nvc again and now wait for an appointment . god bless
  4. If you first applied for a (i601A) and got it denied you will not be able to appeal the case or reopen you will need to start over again
  5. Did they say why you visa was denied did they say you are able to appeal you case
  6. Godschild how long ago was your i30 approved? Have you kep up todate on your case processes
  7. @MarloMX I have a question for you Did you have to submit new DS260 documents again with the NVC before you had your interview set up ? Or did they already have it set up with your approval notice ? If you did have to set up and resubmit again DS260 documents how long did it take for you to get interview ? Plz respond asap thank you .
  8. Adam A . Question after you had received your waiver approval did you also get the appointment letter the same time saying your appointment is on this date ect or did you have to wait for it ? Also did you get your waiver packets approval in the postal mail or was it by email? Did you get your approval waiver letter in the mail or was it by email ? Once USCIS have approved the waiver will they send it over to NVC/ us embassy aboard to set up my appointment date or will I need to contact NVC Just want to be ready for when our waives is approved so I know what I'm looking for and where to contact just in case Thank you.
  9. Had to do an 601 and 212 wavier for an unlawful present with 10 year bar lawyer said its best to do and 212 with it cause it will better win your case.
  10. P.s all readers if you are able to share your experience or have any information that is able to help (GODSCHILD) on filing his/her waiver plz share your input. Let's be wiling to help all our brother's and sister's on they visa journey. (GODSCHILD) I WILL KEEP YOU IN MY PRAY BLESS YOUR WORRY HEART. WE HAVE ALL BEEN ON THIS LONG JOURNEY BUT IN FAITH AND HOPE IN OUR LORD JESUS CHRIST WE WILL ALL MAKE IT THRU THIS . May god bless each and everyone of you . we are all together as one
  11. Some may say yes some may say no .I can't answer for all or anyone cause all case is unique I don't know any ones filling status ... My friend its best you hire a good lawyer who can help you with your case you will have a greater chance of winning your case I know it won't be cheap but it will be more worth it then filling it by yourself ... You won't want to waste the filing fee you need to pay to submit the waiver and then they request for more evidence or in a worse case a denial look for a good lawyer my friend save you the time of stressing over it all and once you are ready to submit it you will be able to relax and not over think it all .. God bless
  12. psych evaluation on that note if you hire a lawyer to help you with your case they will already have a psych they work with they will send you to there psychology also having a good psychology is key point before you make a final call on what and who you want to go with on picking a psychology ask them question like how many case. Have they got approved from they psych evaluation.
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