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  1. Fair enough and I apologize. I just felt that poster was really being quite rude and not helpful. But it’s a good rule so apologies.
  2. Yes I am gathering information. Forgive me, but I have to say your tone is less than helpful. If you don’t know the answer to the question, perhaps it might be wise not to comment?
  3. Wbeem - unfortunately no, this happened 34 years ago and the paperwork hasn’t disappeared in the intervening years. it would appear that I can submit the online form without a copy of the certificate, I’m just wondering if that is wise.
  4. Has mislaid his certificate from his divorce from his first wife. Darling is tongue in cheek here. Would it be better to wait to file my petition until after I get this (because I can get it, it’s just going to be a hassle) and upload this, or simply file the petition and bring this with me to my interview? Uscis has already seen it when I got my green card ...
  5. I think the only thing currently on the test that is specific to your state is: governor, names of senators (and you only need one) and a congress person (preferably yours),
  6. And before anyone else is confused - yes I made an error in my post that I didn’t realize until after the time to make edits had expired. The above should read “The online form keeps telling me my former husbands dob must be before the date of our marriage, which is fair enough if it wasn’t but it is.”
  7. The issue isn’t that I don’t know his date of birth. It’s that the online form for some reason when it’s running its automatic checks thinks that 1952 is later than 1979, which is a problem. And no, my ex husband dob isn’t on any immigration papers. I entered the USA on the basis of my marriage to my current husband. But as I say, that’s not an issue as I know my first husbands date of birth. It’s just that the online form won’t accept it basically. So I enter his dob (05/28/1952) and the date of the marriage (02/03/1979) and I get a red warning message saying - date of birth must be before marriage date. Which it is. It’s not earth shattering - I can do paper, but it is irritating.
  8. It would appear that the website thinks that I did. His birth year was 1952, our marriage year was 1979 and it keeps telling me that the birth year must be before the marriage year. I’ve logged out, gone back in and I still get that error. To be fair, emotionally he probably was and is a fetus but I don’t think they need or want me to go into that. ah I see I’ve been a bit confusing there Should say “if it wasn’t but it is”. but I can assure you that I’ve triple checked I’ve got it the right way round on the form, and it still won’t let me proceed.
  9. You would think wouldn’t you? But since I have to upload my divorce decree from my first marriage and my marriage certificate (both of which they already have from my green card application) I wouldn’t be so sure. But I agree that your tax returns are a good option.
  10. But in the other hand, I think I’m going to have to use a paper application. The online form keeps telling me my former husbands dob must be before the date of our marriage, which is fair enough if it was, but it isn’t. I’ve triple checked. The website keeps giving me an error, sigh.
  11. Specifically, while I know the date my first marriage ended, I have no idea when it began. Well I can probably work out a year, but everything else is less than memorable. Any suggestions? woops - ignore me it’s on the divorce decree.
  12. I thought it did. And it would be stupid to sign it in advance if there was any possibility that it need to be signed in front of an official. because we are talking about a couple of seconds to sign.
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