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  1. Hello All, Need a little clarification please. My passport has been dropped off at the DHL, VI, Lagos since 26/08/2019. I have been tracking my Application Status online and yesterday 10/9/2019, it changed from Administrative Processing (It has been on Administrative Processing since 22nd July, 2019) to Ready for Interview which is kind of getting me confused since I have concluded interview and gotten a mail for Visa approval hence requested I drop off my passport for Visa Issuance. I am yet to get a mail notifying me that I can pick up my passport and I have been tracking my passport on the website but I keep getting this response "There is no status update available for the passport number submitted". So, my questions are: 1. Do I send a email to Lagosiv@state.gov to confirm status of my Passport 2. Why is the Status online back to ready for interview? After visa has been approved and passport submitted for Visa Issuance 3. Is there a standard wait period before passport is ready (it was noted to be approximately 5 business days, its 12 business days now). Response will be appreciated. Thank you.
  2. Thanks for your response. So we should go ahead with the application process by filling ds160 and scheduling an interview date with the Lagos embassy?
  3. Hello All, Please, can you advice on what to do next. My K1 application case status changed to "Ready" since 20th May, 2019, however, I nor my fiance are yet to received Packet 4 for further processing and to enable us schedule interview with the Lagos Embassy. All mails sent has received no response apart from the auto response attached to the mails. Please, advice on what to do next? Can I go ahead to fill ds160 and go for medical test. Thank you
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