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  1. Because it is an anti immigration policy. It s obvious.
  2. They try as much as they can to slow down the process...nothing new under the sun!
  3. I don''t even know why you guys bother answering to such an incomplete question...thrown here while washing dishes or mopping the floor.
  4. What about Andaman and Nicobar Islands ?
  5. Pape'ete is a nice place to get married.or Adamstown in in Pitcaim Islands.
  6. New Citizen, where did you come from with this text ?
  7. With the social problems rising like never before, why would they want new immigrants... spouses or not...
  8. You can like it,but don't use it too often. "Like" and "stuff like that" are overused. You're welcome!
  9. No more "like", it became a pandemic !
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