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  1. As far as I know, USCIS will consider the date you mailed your packet. I doesn't matter if it'll be approved after form's expiration date. If you have mailed it in May 22nd, then that's when it'll be rejected.
  2. No, no... I have read some of your replies/comments from the beginning of this thread and they are of great help. So, thank you. I am almost done with my i-944. The only thing that's giving me headache is the credit score thing. I will just do the same thing as you did. That's what I've read in most threads. I will send my packet tomorrow. Good luck to us!
  3. Hi, there! First, let me tell you that the information you provided is very helpful to us. And I thank you for that. I have a question though, regarding your "Credit Report Screen Shot showing that we were unable to procure a credit report", is it because you don't have a SSN yet? If so, did you include a letter explaining why you couldn't get a credit report? Or did you write your reason/s on the PART 9. ADDITIONAL INFORMATION? Thank you again!
  4. Wow! I didn't know this! All the people I've asked before told me to "submit your AOS right after getting married or you'll be out of status. Thank you for this!
  5. So it's fine even if my 90 days is over? I will resend it asap (tomorrow)! Thank you very much.
  6. Hi. We are kind of experiencing this, too. Did re-print the documents stamped by the USCIS? Or did you just submitted the whole package again, and just change the outdated form? Thanks
  7. Hi! I really need some help and insight here. I entered US in a K1 visa. I married my Fiance within 90 days and filed my I-485 3 weeks before the end of my 90-day period (which is March 16). However, I received a Rejection Notice (dated March 17) because the APPLICATION WAS FILED ON AN OUTDATED VERSION OF THE FORM. USCIS just wants me to resubmit the application on the current version. And that's fine with me and my now-husband. My only concern is that my 90 days is over. Am I out of status already? Am I now illegally overstaying in the US? Should I resubmit even if 90 days is past due? Thank you to anyone who would share their advice. Little things help. God bless!
  8. You are good to go. My Fiancé and I just submitted photos (around 40 pictures),plane tickets, and hotel reservations as proof and we were approved by the USCIS. Good luck on your journey!
  9. Hi there! Because there is a "Where To File?" section in the USCIS's instructions I thought it has to get approved by them. Thanks!
  10. Hi! I'm really confused about this Affidavit of Support. Atfirst, I thought my Fiance would just send me the form and the copies of the required evidence. But then I read somewhere that you have to file it, and wait for the USCIS to approve it. Can someone please guide me with this? I would appreciate any advice. Thank you very much!
  11. Hi! I need some help (and advice) here because I really don't know how to do or start this. We received our NOA 2 last August 8. We are now waiting for an update/papers from NVC since then. When we filed the petition on May 7, we wrote USEM Tokyo as my Consular Processing office because I currently have a resident visa in Japan (my birth country is Philippines). Now, my resident visa is about to expire in November and we would like to transfer the Consular Processing office to USEM Manila. Do you guys have an idea where we should start and how? Should we wait for an update from the NVC or contact them now and ask if they could transfer it to Manila?
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