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  1. They'll ask you if you have received tickets. You have not, so you answer no.
  2. Yesterday I attended my oath ceremony at the Alexandria courthouse in Virginia, and I have to say this: please don't bring young children. And if you do bring them and they cry or misbehave, take them out. First of all, the ceremony itself was about 90 minutes long, but overall the whole thing lasted about three hours. That's too long for young children, they don't understand what's going on, they are obviously going to get bored. But fine, maybe you have no choice...what really annoys me is people that don't take loud or crying children out of the courtroom. Also, people not controlling their children and allowing them to run up and down the aisles. This is a solemn ceremony, for many of us its the culmination of a very long process, its something we've been waiting for all our lives, and it really sucks that you are unable to enjoy the ceremony because you can't hear the judge over unruly children. If you are the type of person that simply can't bother to control your children or step outside if they are being loud during a solemn ceremony in a freaking court room, you suck.
  3. My wife and I both had green cards, we got them on the same day (employment green cards). And we both applied for citizenship (and name changes) on the same day, January 3. She completed her interview on June 12, and I did on June 13. I got my oath letter on June 24, and she did on July 17. I really wish we had both been able to complete the oath ceremony together, but for some reason hers is next month even though she was approved before me. I just went to my oath ceremony yesterday at the Alexandria Court House and I thought it was really great, and I'm very happy that I'm done with immigration stuff! And I guess I'll get to witness another ceremony at the Alexandria courthouse, this time as a guest, next august 15.
  4. I didn't get an email, but my status on myuscis did get updated to "You've been scheduled to attend an oath ceremony", but the system never sent me an email, in fact I got an email a week later telling me there had been no change. I had my interview on June 13th, then my status was updated on June 24th, and I got the letter on the mail on the 27th. My wife, who is also getting a name change, and who attended the interview before me on June 12th, just got her letter this week and is scheduled for the oath ceremony in Alexandria on August 15th.
  5. I'm scheduled to attend the oath ceremony at the Alexandria court house tomorrow. Anyone else here planning to attend tomorrow's ceremony?
  6. I just got form N-445 on June 24th asking me to attend the oath ceremony on July 18th in Alexandria. Hard to believe a 12 year immigration process is about to end in just 18 days!
  7. Fairfax, VA here (Washington field office). The timeline below is the same for myself and my wife: Application submitted online: January 3, 2019 Biometrics appointment letter: January 4 Biometrics appointment: January 23 Interview scheduled: May 9 Attended Interview: June 13 Application approved: June 13 We are now just waiting for them to schedule our oath of allegiance ceremony. The USCIS officer told my wife that since we are asking for a name change it'll probably take a few weeks longer than normal. Our ceremony will likely be at the Alexandria office, which has judicial ceremonies the third Thursday of every month. According to the system, our estimated completion time is September 2019, so based on what the officer said, I expect our ceremony to take place in October or November. We'll see!
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