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  1. awesome so now this has been moved, i cant find it and still no answer... awesome thanks I dont use this site much so i dont know how to navigate well
  2. Not familiar with the portal page... my lawyer has been doing everything. Where is that? Thanks
  3. Did you already have your interview at the Embassy in Bogota??? if so when was your visa approved? Ours was finally approved in January but now over 6 months later we still wait for the US embassy in Bogota to give us a date. Delivery services in Colombia are shady and rough so be prepared from from anywhere to a week to two weeks depending on where she lives. My fiancé is in Medellin but again we still waiting to get the friggin interview. It would be awesome to know when your visa was approved and how long it took you to get the interview at the embassy. Thanks
  4. Visa finally approved in January 2021... Took a year thanks to virus... but now sits in NVC for over 6 months now waiting for US embassy in Bogota, Colombia... anyone else get their interview yet with Bogota embassy? if so when was your visa approved? Thanks
  5. So after our inquiry was answered any day now has turned into 3 and a half weeks and now almost 9 months waiting 😔 so frustrating
  6. Yes exactly... My lawyer sent and inquiry and we got a response last week that it is in the process of being adjudicated so she thinks we will hear any day now...
  7. Jan 28 and still waiting :( My lawyer sent an inquiry since it was past the time and they said they will reply to that by September 19 :( Thankfully I am going back to Colombia September 11 but it would have been nice to have been done before I traveled. I congratulate those who have been approved but i must admit to being jealous.
  8. NOA1 - 1-28 173 days 😔 any update on uscis funding? I read there was plans to fund them but has bill been or will be passed?
  9. No my lawyer said specifically that the visa center. That's why she told me we must hope that the uscis approves it soon so it can get the the visa center before the layoffs.
  10. NOA1: 1/28 still waiting My lawyer says it needs to be approved soon or we will get stuck in long wait and the national visa center because on July 12 they are laying people off. Whats worse is i cant get back to see my fiance until sept 1... my flights to Colombia have been canceled the last 4 months.
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