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  1. Thank you, we will take your advice. In 2017 and 2018 he traveled to see me and stayed here for a month each and I went there to meet him 4 times spending about 2-3 weeks. Both while being here and when I was there he didnt work and we spent time sightseeing. I didnt see taxes for 2015-2017 and no one asked. I had 9 months bank statements to show the embassy but they never asked for it, you know. Well, now considering our "weak points" we will try to be well prepared and as you said the cover letter with explanations sounds as a good idea. Actually he put some details in yesterday's email, maybe they considered it and gave us another chance.. @payxibka I think we did a good job yesterday and sent an email on time? Or is it just a coincidence and they never read his email? Nevertheless, I am so thankful to God, the CO and VJ family for helping me.
  2. @payxibka Indeed 🤗 I started to smile again 🙃
  3. Our k1 took us 6 months from the start to the interview day. If k1 fails, then for sure nothing left than cr1
  4. @Jorgedig thank you for your reply. You have been responding on this thread very actively and I would like to thank you for your time and support. I am thinking about sending an email to the embassy to make sure I have understood correctly and they definitely hold our case and wont send it back
  5. Thank you so much for your answer! I certainly would like to make everything legally. I am traveling to different countries since 2003 and have been to the USA at least 6 times and never overstayed. For me the legal way is the priority and have asked my question to have a clear mind that I considered every single option. I will check regarding timing for filing the taxes as soon as my fiancee wakes up. But your answer gave me so much hope and light in the tunnel 🌹❤
  6. That's very encouraging 😍 The new questions appeared in my head 🤷‍♀️ My medical check up is valid until March 26. It seems I have to redo it again? Do you suggest to get married in a third country and keep the marriage license in a pocket and save time in case it turns negative after 2019 tax transcripts submission? Thus we could immediately apply for cr1? Or is it a bad idea as the marriage date will be while K1 was still pending?
  7. Yes, he does. Does it mean they will keep my documents and I need to provide tax transcripts in March - April of 2020 and they might reconsider?
  8. Good morning all, UPDATE: My fiancee sent an email to the Embassy today morning. Just now I have received a reply from the Embassy to my last message where I have provided the requested IRS. Here its: Thank you for your email. US Immigration law requires that the consular officer analyze the totality of the applicant’s circumstances, including, but not limited to: age; health; family status; education and skills; assets, resources and financial status; also, where appropriate, the affidavit of support. If, after conducting the interview and evaluating the totality of the applicant’s circumstances, including any applicable documentation, the consular officer is not convinced the applicant will not be a public charge in the United States, they are obligated to refuse the applicant under section INA 212(a)(4)(A). Our records indicate that your application is refused under INA 212(a)(4)(A) for public charge. You are welcome to send us petitioner’s 2019 IRS tax transcript once it is ready, and the Consular Officer will again review your petition. What do you think?
  9. Exactly, this is what makes me upset. As I have read recently that for example during the interview in Mexico the CO didnt even ask for the financial documents and the case was approved. I am really happy for any couple got approved, just wanted to say that if there is one strict rule for everyone, it's easier to follow it, to know that you will be judged equally.
  10. As it was suggested, we should apply with CR1, I think
  11. Yes, based on advices we will email them. I thank everyone!!
  12. Now more confused Should we email embassy and attach our bank statements? If it is just interim changes as I have never received any email from the embassy
  13. It was AP after interview Any chances that it could switch to AP after refused? I
  14. Oh. I mentioned that I did bring bank statements but the girl who collected the papers before interview and CO refused to take it. They said all looks good. Just email IRS transcripts for 2017-2018 Maybe CO saw the numbers on affidavit and didnt consider there could some shortages in transcripts 😭😭
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