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  1. I was at the stage were me and my fiance were literally about to get our interview date probably last week so it does really suck unfortunately we just have to wait and this adds sooooooo much more time to the K1 process our interview will be at Guyana embassy. Our interview probably would have been ending May or early June now who knows🙁
  2. You're literally a life saver i appreciate your message but Now i have apparently exceeded my messaging for today lol if you don't mind emailing me at simisola2484@gmail.com i would highly appreciate it

  3. nice so i would just need to come to Cuba with my birth certificate, also certificate of good standing, proof that i am single and ?
  4. That makes sense i am leaning towards the CR1 now that i have received great advice thank you
  5. This is great to know with all the wonderful information i am being given the CR1 seems better but the Cuban embassy for us is in Washington i would have to get papers over to them wouldn't I?
  6. Thank you i will look into it he thinks the CR1 will be faster because of the condition right now in Cuba
  7. Thank you for your response this is a great way to look at it i didn't think about that it is unfortunate that my fiance would be home and unable to work do you know the processing time currently for CR1?
  8. Oh wow thanks for that information i thought there was a way to appeal it does that mean we couldn't try again ? and when i use the calculator the minimum was 16,910 for me and my fiance it would just be him no kids and i make well over that i should be find correct ?
  9. The only upfront fee is the $535 for the petition first correct ?
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