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  1. It was a goal, not a mandate. There were (and are) a lot of balls in the air, and the President, any president, must process a lot of information as it is thrown at them from many different sources. Yes he missed the mark on this particular goal. And he owned it, and he backed down from it. But you lefties continue to hammer away, as if Easter were a go-back-to-work edict and non-compliance means a trip to the gulags. (never mind that gulags are a leftist construct) But no matter. Despite the fake news attacks, your lot have ensured Mr. Trump an easily won second term in November.
  2. Cheers. All is well, life got busy and a bit complicated, but all is well now thank you.
  3. It may not be "news" but the man has a point. If you want to live like a 19th century dirt farmer, don't be surprised when you suffer from 19th century maladies.
  4. Get a lawyer. Get a divorce. Be done with this dolt.
  5. I've managed to make friends in low places, so my key card continues to work for the gym. Clandestine workouts keep the snacking flab away.
  6. Have a well-stocked liquor cabinet. I'm good until at least 2022. Bonus: have a good friend with a well stocked wine cellar. I am more of a hard spirits kind of guy, but a good Merlot mixes the day up a bit. 😉
  7. That's certainly the first time I've heard the argument we need abortions so women can feel good about themselves. If women want to feel good about themselves, they should perhaps not consider child murder. Issue solved.
  8. It's interesting that your entire point rests on niche cases. The vast majority of pregnancies are just normal pregnancies with no drama whatsoever, and no medical or social need for abortion. Accept this and then we can have a productive conversation around the niche cases.
  9. Then don't. As I have been saying, it is the woman who can choose to be pregnant or not. Consequences have actions. If you choose to participate in behaviors that lead to pregnancy, then expect that the consequence will be a child.
  10. Thank you for making my point. You want all the rights, but none of the responsibility.
  11. What you're speaking of are edge cases that do not represent the vast majority of pregnancies.
  12. It may take two to fertilize an egg, but only one of those two can actually get pregnant.
  13. Do I understand correctly that you are using your ex's money to buy your fiance an automobile? Does he know? Quite frankly, I would be livid with my woman purchasing a vehicle with money from her ex-husband. If he has an ounce of dignity, he will refuse.
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