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  1. Very, very sensible, I agree. You're a fine man steeleballz. I'm sorry for mocking you earlier, it was very rude of me.
  2. But... because you were on birth control, without telling him, yes? You're a nice girl laylalex, but I'll be honest: it doesn't sit well with me. I feel like he lived under a constant false hope. If he were to find out, would you blame him for being bitter? You make a good point. The past unfortunately has a habit of occasionally throwing a tentacle out and dragging me back. It's hard to tell sometimes where the lies began, and quite frankly, what were lies and truth. But then that's what the gym is for. 😉
  3. Yes, of course. But whose turn it is to do the dishes or walk the dog isn't legislated either. I would just expect the couple to have an understanding and to abide by that understanding. And to be honest with each other. It's not too much to ask, is it?
  4. Throughout my marriage, my ex eschewed birth control. We both wanted children, but it wasn't in the cards. It happens, I never blamed her. I'll be honest though, with the way this thread has turned, it does make me reflect. I wonder if perhaps she wasn't telling me everything. I've learned a lot about her since our divorce, one of them being that she had been very loose with her interpretation of the truth. I do wonder now, and perhaps it's the Scotch pushing its agenda on my behalf, if there was more to it.
  5. I suppose we diverge on that point. In a marriage, I believe it's ultimately a joint decision. And certainly not a decision to be performed secretly.
  6. That was a clever non-answer. Hats off to you. 😉 The point being, I've been criticized for suggesting that women on birth control should let their partner know. "Consent" keeps being thrown in my face, even though it was blatantly obvious that the context I used the word in was to simply have a discussion. The ladies tell me no man has any right to expect input on a birth control decision. And yet I imagine if their husbands had a vasectomy without involving them, it would be a much different story. It's a double-standard.
  7. Good advice. Would you advise this hypothetical male to include his woman in on the vasectomy decision, or to just do it secretly?
  8. Permission is your word, not mine. But there's no winning this argument, is there? Me: women should be responsible with their bodies. You: You're terrible, men are equally responsible. Me: Men should have a say in the contraception their woman is using. You: You're terrible, this is none of men's business.
  9. I didn't mean to upset you, I was just asking the questions so I understood better. So if I do understand correctly now, you were "desperately" trying to get pregnant because having a child was very important to him, and you were taking birth control around your cycle so as not to interfere with your ability to become pregnant? Is that actually how birth control medicine works? I didn't mean to imply you required your husband's legal consent in any way. Call me old fashioned, but I feel like big decisions like this should be discussed. It sounds like you might have left him out of this discussion.
  10. I guess I was just curious because you mentioned earlier that your husband really wanted a child, but that you were infertile. And now you have said you were taking birth control (if I understand correctly) during that time. So I just wondered if your husband was aware, and if he consented.
  11. So that was one case, was it? Am I to caveat every single exception to the general statements I make? "The worst thing that can happen to a woman having unprotected sex is abortions. Oh yes, labor complications. And bed bugs. And meteors. And the estate agent popping 'round during tea. And Al Queda. And... are you still with me? Because we do have a lot of these to get through. And..."
  12. Interesting. I thought I'd read where you said your then-husband desperately wanted a child, but you were unable to conceive. But you were on birth control at the time? So am I to gather this was done without his knowledge or consent?
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