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  1. Maybe I'm slightly confused myself... their response
  2. The petition wasn't approved but they will expedite our case, therefore instead of waiting months, we'll find out in the next 45 days. Which definitely helps us
  3. Great News! Our request to expedite our petition was accepted. Thanks to those that encouraged me to try. We pursued on medical and financial.
  4. Unfortunately, I had to come back to the uk, hence why this was not an option
  5. Im repeating exactly what they said to me at the border. Not sure if it's true or not. they did allow me in eventually, I haD shown them a letter from her doctor in the uk mentioning travel to the US to seek further medical attention. At the time she was 4 months. Also I think they genuinely believed my case. Their main concern was that I didn't overstay and apply to change my status once I was in.
  6. Once I applied for a B2 the esta was cancelled, but I didn't know this at the time. It was only flag once I had traveled to the US. Before that, I hadn't visited the us in 18 months
  7. think I'll still try despite the discouragement and judgement, thank you
  8. First child came unexpectedly, and we delayed applying because of this wait as I wanted visit when baby arrived. It appears immigration law does not recognise cohabiting relationships, thus it marriage or nothing.
  9. Yeah I work and was mat leave for 9 months. Agree, so wish I had checked here first
  10. My esta was withdrawn because I was denied a 6 months visa due to ties being too strong to the US. I believe this is what caused the problem, because I didn't know that if you are ever declined a visa your esta is revoked. Wish I didn't apply!
  11. I guess in short you're saying because I could travel to the us under the esta program, and now it's l been withdrawn I don't have right to ask my question?
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