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  1. When the RFE is answered, you must send the original letter that was sent to you along with the evidence? Can it be a copy of the letter?
  2. I have a question, I have 3 cases in uscis i130, my children and mine, sending an RFE on my children's application, mine still pending review, I thought that the communication was joint, then they reviewed my children's case and not mine?
  3. my husband and I. We knew each other virtual by a mutual friend, who started a very intense relationship and asked me to marry virtually at 5 months, then everything was prepared and we got married on her 1st trip, then she visited me 2 more times, I will have trouble in the interview for married on your 1st trip
  4. I would like to know your experience, if you had no problem at the consulate? I would appreciate your input!
  5. Can a person with a canceled B1 visa apply for a cr1 visa? My B1 visa was canceled when I requested that of my children, 2 years later I married a citizen of the United States and I am applying for a cr1 visa.
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