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  1. Hello everyone! I got the interview appointment letter yesterday . When I called the doctors accredited by the us embassy in casablanca morocco for a medical examination appointment , I couldn't find an available appointment date before the interview date at the embassy for the medical examination . I think I have to reschedule the interview date. Did someone experienced the same situation? Can someone please tell me how to reschedule the interview date ? I am from morocco and the type of visa is CR1 visa. Thanks
  2. The first submission was in october 26th. Because one document was missing, nvc sent me an email to resubmit the missing document. The resubmission was in november 19th.
  3. Hi everyone ! Today I just received an DQ email from nvc. How long, after DQ email, takes to receive an interview date? Thanks and good luck for everyone in this process!
  4. Hi! I called nvc (+16033340700), they told me ,I dont have to choose an agent. So I paid the fees, I completed ds260 .... Good luck
  5. Thanks for the answer. Did NVC sent you the interview letter by mail or email? Thanks,
  6. Hello everyone! How long, after we submit all documents required for the applicant and the petitionner to NVC, it takes to get an interview date ? Thanks!
  7. Hello everyone! I have a question concerning ds 260 VISA APPLICATION. Can the petitionner fill out and electronically sign the application on behalf of the applicant (wife)? Thanks
  8. Hi everyone! In the DS 260, the Immigrant visa application, can I write a PO BOX address where the green card will be mailed instead of physical address? Thanks
  9. Ok thanks. Did we have to send the financial document. (IRS Transcript , w2) after we receive the welcome letter? Thanks
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