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  1. Thank you for the advice everyone. I will follow the VJ guide and keep it short and simple and I will have my fiancee take pictures with her to the embassy in case they ask. And yes, it is true in Albania engagement parties are common. I just got scared reading all the posts with issues.
  2. Thanks Thomas, I thought of that and I'm not going to send any pictures but then I thought if I mention that we had a party (as evidence of intent of marriage), they might ask for pictures either as an RFE or at the interview. If I don't mention it and they ask if we had a party and want pictures, then when they see the pictures they might get the same idea...plus, they may ask why I didn't mention it in the application since it's evidence of intent to marry. I don't know... I'm very confused.
  3. Hello, I am about to submit the Fiance Visa application and I just found out that if you have an engagement party it could be seen as a wedding ceremony. It has made me very worried. My fiancee and I had an engagement party where I was dressed in a suit and she in a nice dress (not a traditional wedding dress but it was a very nice light purple/pinkish and made a statement). All of our close relatives where there as this was the only time in the next few years when her close relatives and mine could get together. That day in the morning we also had the traditional "going to the fiancee's house". We exchanged rings. I thought only I would give her a ring but she had also bought me one; it was a nice surprise). My question is to other fellow Albanians who have gone through this process. Is this something I should be worried about? Has anyone done this and successfully received their K-1 visa? Or would they look at it as a wedding ceremony at the consulate, even though that was not our intent? Thank you
  4. Thank you very much kittyanne an Loren! It seems I have made it a much bigger deal than it is. This makes me much happier that we can do them faster.
  5. Hello, I have just begun this process for myself and my fiancée (yay! I can't wait) and I have a few questions about the filing of the I-129F Form. (1) First, she is currently at a university dorm and may be moving from there when she graduates in late July. She also said that she wouldn't trust packages to arrive there. My question is whether she could use her parents' or her aunt's address as her mailing address to receive correspondence. Her parents are 4 hours from the capital (where the Embassy is) but it is technically her permanent address. Her aunt on the other hand, lives about 20 minutes away from her dorm. Do you know if either can be used? (2) Second, she said she cannot remember the exact dates when she moved and when she worked, although she remembers the month and year. Could that be a problem with the application when it's reviewed? (3) Finally, in regard to the letter of intent to marry and her passport picture, is she required to send me the originals? Or can she print, sign, and then scan the letter and email it to me (and same with the picture by sending it digitally) and then I can print them and send them in? That would significantly shorten the time until I submit the application. Thank you very much for taking the time to read and respond! I can't seem to find a clear answer to these questions.
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